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Nov 11, 2003

I don?t know if this goes in the NHL forum but I don?t know where else it goes. It was just revealed that Hockey Canada has a 2nd fund set up for paying off sexual assault allegations. And the crap has hit the fan. The Canadian government is all over Hockey Canada & it?s officials. A bunch of corporations have pulled their sponsorships. And regional hockey organizations have said they won?t pay the fees that HC collects.

Not being from Canada but knowing how they feel about the sport, this has to be devastating. But that?s part of the problem. When hockey & success in hockey means so much to the country, you?re going to overlook character flaws that aren?t hockey related. And when things happen that make Hockey Canada look bad, they?re going to sweep them under the rug. Considering all this, it?s almost surprising that there aren?t more negative incidents. But it?s more likely we haven?t found out about them yet.
Hockey Canada is a biiiiig organization. If you read into the nitty gritty of the funds that were "set up" it's more like they were the only ones legally accessible to the organization to deal with claims. Not that they were purposely created and set aside funds for this type of claim. I'm not saying that there hasn't been mistakes at the organizational level. I'm saying that if you only look at the organization from the aspect of "How are these *******s protecting all these rapists" these stories read like there's a lot of truth behind them. Try to separate the outrage portion of the articles from what the organization, as a legal entity that was advised by its representation, did to protect its core mission and you can see how we get from A-B. I also think firing everyone, while satisfying, does a huge disservice to the core mission that Hockey Canada is supposed to provide. There are going to be vultures circling the carcass and the last thing you want to do is put them in charge.

The idea that rape claims will be somehow treated in the future with more validity because a large organization with resources to actually do just that got taken down is erroneous. There are always going to be defense lawyers. So long as there is the possibility of a rape they will have a clientele and it's going to be lucrative because it is a serious crime and a serious charge. The outrage is always about the "of course they got away with it" class, that's separate from the fact that people should be outraged by the rape itself.
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