KCAL 9 serious problems Saturday night - Seattle game


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Aug 20, 2009
First off - pre game show with Erica Weston (filling in for Patrick) & Stolly. Interview with media legend Jim Hill & his story about how Wayne asked him to do his Hall of Fame speech.

After the interview, KCAL didn’t cut away. We watched Jim leave & say goodbye to Erica & Jarrett …then we (with no sound) see the two prep - highlight material - then close up on Stolly’s chin. It was like a behind the scenes moment.

On to the end of first period: less than a minute - frozen screen. Then a PLEASE STAND BY on the screen.

Before start of third, Erica & Stolly prepping us for the period, when, they say “oh we’re ready, let’s go to Seattle” (or something like that). 2:30 minutes in, no sound. Pull out my trusty phone - I heart radio app.

Commercials come in loud & clear, but no TV hockey sound.

Which leads us to Overtime - with no pic or sound.


Finally - everything returns - but on the crawl during post game showed the NOT UPDATED standings.

Can’t someone update the points?

And Stoll trying to break down plays during the intermission and the video guys weren't in sink with his cues. It was weird. He rolled with it like a pro, but boy was it amateur.
Aren't these broadcasts produced by the Kings then just aired by the relevant network (Ballys, KCAL, etc.)?
You should try having to watch the replay where you can't turn on the radio broadcast. Also when they did get the audio back it sounded like they were using tin cans tied to strings. I don't know who was responsible for that broadcast, if it's the Kings, KCAL, or Bally's. But that was amateur hour.

And it's not the TV broadcast, but I had to listen on SiriusXM for the 1st period. And for some reason it wasn't the Kings game. It was KFI doing a talk show. I had to listen to Seattle's radio broadcast. But I have no idea who's responsible for that either.
To have it happen in the middle of a scheduled game is just embarrassing and inexcusable and whoever was responsible for the gaffe that started in the 3rd period needs to be fired for their amateurish handling of the broadcast. That was Bally Sports levels of incompetent right there.
I live in New Mexico w/ Comcast and Center Ice and was stuck with the Seattle broadcast. Wasn't aware of the technical difficulties with LA broadcast. However, have had many problems with watching a recorded game and it constantly moves back to the beginning of the game. So, I have to fast forward to get back to where I left off. Don't know if it's a Comcast thing, Center Ice thing.

The other regular issue is that I only have access to the non-Kings broadcast. This used to happen if the Kings were playing a team who is located closer to me. So, when they play the Coyotes or Stars I don't get Kings broadcast. But, Kings played at Ottowa, Buffalo, Chicago and I don't get Kings feed. Just seems so inconsistent and I pay for Center Ice to watch the feed from my team..
KCAL sabotage because they didn't get to broadcast the Lakers. That's my conspiracy theory for the day. :)
I had to watch the replay on Bally’s the next day. I loved that they kept in the “technical difficulties” screenshots when the game cut out. Couldn’t even edit that to make the replay smoother. Instead it was like, “Look what we did!”
For many it will still be better than Tuesday's broadcast vs the sharks. That's on Hulu/espn+ so a lot won't get a picture at all unless you subscribe.

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