Kings sign Koehn Ziemmer

I don't know much about him but definitely like the part about watching him being "an IV drop of (often unpenalized) violence" haha.

Ziemmer zips shots around defenders, pump-faking and toe-dragging to create that little extra space for the release. With perfect timing, he spins off checks and gets open for deflections, rebounds, and flashy in-tight moves. Watching Ziemmer is also an IV drip of (often unpenalized) violence. He throws reverse hits with the puck and crushing hits along the boards without it. Crosschecks, nudges, and non-stop always being in the way are the subtler ways he ensures opponents know he's on the ice. -EliteProspects 2023 NHL Draft Guide
Curious if/when they will decide to sign Aatu Jamsen. That kid seems to get better and better every year.
This guy looks he has the it factor. Surprised he slipped to the 3rd round. He has first round talent for sure. Like some people are going to be kicking themselves. The knock was on his skating if I recall, but he looks like he is doing just fine.
AND he has an awesome celly!
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Wow🙃. I sure jinxed him!!
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