Kopitar Appreciation Thread


Aug 5, 2005
Leading by example with a huge 4 goal game at a very important time! And in the post game interview he seemed almost sad almost assuredly because of the Quick trade. Just him and Drew left from the Cup teams.
That's a heavy night for Kopi, but to be honest even he knows today is about Quick.
Huge game for Kopi, and the Kings. The game was absolutely nuts, the highs and then low that unfolded last night, I can't put into words. Really curious if any of the guys had any idea that the trade was in the works?
Judging by how sad Kopi seemed in the post game interview I think he knew.
Kopi has been awesome since the first of the year. He must have been pacing himself before Christmas! It was so cool watching his facial expressions after each of the 4 goals last night.

Go Kopi Go!!!
That's a heavy night for Kopi, but to be honest even he knows today is about Quick.

To be jumping up for joy, Kopi getting 4 goals, come back and win in a shootout to very sad about Quick being traded.
He and Quickie are my favorite players. He played like a captain. Those tipped goals were great.
Great game Kopi! Hat trick plus one!

The Captain has been undeniably huge. Hope this hot streak continues thru the stretch. Go Kopi Go!!!
God Bless Dave Taylor for drafting him, Brown, and Quick. Although Lombardi pieced together those championship teams, Taylor had a huge hand in those championships by drafting those 3 players who likely will all have statues outside Crypto.com Arena before it is all said and done.

Go Kings!!

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