Korean Fried Chicken

Dr. Tran

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Nov 11, 2003
Has anyone tried Korean Fried Chicken? I finally did & it's so good. I went to a place called BB.Q Chicken in Rancho Cuucamonga. They have other locations throughout So Cal. I got the 1/2 order of golden fried chicken with a side of secret spicy sauce. It comes in pieces & it's very crispy. The sauce was very sweet with a little bit of heat. They have other sauces & flavors that I'd like to try. The only minus is that it's a bit expensive. That order was $13 for the chicken, $2 for the sauce, + tax & tip. There are probably other places that are cheaper. And I'll see if I could find a recipe to duplicate their recipe. Anyway, delicious & I'd highly recommend.
Maybe not the same thing but we had some Chinese students at one point that swore a recipe was from their Korean friends. I forget how but they cooked chicken wings in coca cola and it was awesome. Never did get that recipe from them. If anyone has one would appreciate it.
I've had chicken marinated in cola & then grilled. It makes the chicken very tender. This looked more like KFC Extra Crispy. There's a picture on Yelp someone took of a chalkboard inside telling how they make it. The picture's hard to see but it looks like they do a dry rub that they leave on for 12 hours, then a batter, then a dry coating, and then they fry it 2 different ways. I'm not sure exactly.
If you are ever on the North side of Chicago, check out Crisp
They do Korean bowls, but are mostly known for their fried chicken. You can also BYOB beers or wine there.
I miss that place now that I got sick of snow and moved back to AZ.
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