***LA Kings @ Anaheim Ducks GDT 4/9/24 7:00pm on KCAL Ch9***


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May 10, 2012

Game Day Thread
Game #78/82 -- 4/9/24
on KCAL Ch9


Los Angeles Kings @ Anaheim Ducks
Honda Center | Anaheim, CA

Green Night presented by Arrowhead Water
Mighty Oath game

Previous Meetings

02/24/24 -- Ducks 2, Kings 3 (SO)
11/24/23 -- Kings 5, Ducks 2


**Game Time 7:00PM**


TV: KCAL Ch 9 & Bally Sports SoCal (Ducks Feed)
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Jim Hiller (video), Doughty, Fiala & Kempe 4/6 Post-Game Quotes:

Drew Doughty
On the team’s play in the win tonight over Vancouver

We started off pretty hot, power play did a great job of getting two goals on two opportunities and then we maybe didn’t have as great as a finish to the first period as we would have liked, but we stuck with it. Goaltending was good and for the most part, I thought our defending was good. We’ve got to, I think, learn a little bit that we’ve got to keep pushing forward to take control those games.
On many of the team’s top offensive players having multiple points tonight
That’s our job. When things are tough and it’s gutcheck time and all the pressure’s on you, that’s when your top guys step up and that’s why they’re top guys and why they’ve been top guys basically their whole careers, because in the big moments, they step up. We’re going to need to continue that to go far the season and in playoffs.
On his own season to date and his thoughts on where he’s at, after his 15th goal
Yeah, I’m really happy. I think I’ve had a really good season, both ends of the puck. Pucks are going in the net for me, which is always nice, so I would love to somehow get a couple more and beat my all-time high, but I’ll keep shooting and hopefully they go in. Yeah, I’m really happy. The team around me is much better than it’s been in the last few years, so that’s always a big help too.
On if he gets at all disappointed to not get more national recognition for his strong season
I used to get disappointed all the time and I wasted a lot of time thinking about the Norris and not getting credit for what I thought I deserved. As I’ve grown older, you’ve just got to not think about those things, just go out there, play your game and help the guys win games. Really, that’s all that matters, so it’s not something I dwell on anymore.

Kevin Fiala
On his goal tonight

I was just timing it. I saw that Kopi had it and they were also tired, so I knew he was going to probably chip it out and go change. I saw the D kind of being in the middle of it, so yeah, it was a good bounce and a good goal.
On his overall game of late, and Jim Hiller’s positive comments on his two-way play
It’s great to hear. Yeah, I’m trying to do both sides and it’s so important, especially at this time of the year, being reliable defensively, but also scoring goals and being effective in both sides of the ice.
On how the Kings were able to kill momentum in the third period
I think we killed their momentum with our goal. I think they pushed, but we got the power play there, so it killed their momentum a little bit and also I think it’s unbelievable defensively. We just kept them on the outside and Talbs did a great job. I think we stayed calm, just did our thing and didn’t panic.
On where he feels the team is out with five games left in the regular season
Good mood, good vibes. Obviously, we had another win tonight, against a good team, maybe against a potentially playoff matchup. So, it was great to show up tonight to win this game, but now we have to look forward. This was one game and we just have five more games and try to win.

Adrian Kempe
On the team’s offensive production tonight

Good first two power plays, I think that was good for the momentum and good for the confidence. After that, I think it was a pretty even game overall, 5-on-5, and then at the end, had a breakaway, had some other chances tonight and I’m glad I could score on that one to put the game away.
On the feeling of the team gaining momentum down the stretch
I think we’ve been getting on a little bit of a roll here lately. This was one of the toughest games we have left on the schedule, Saturday night, everyone was really excited to get in here and play.
On the impact of the crowd in tonight’s game, another home victory
It was crazy. Ever since we showed up for the game, you could see people in the crowd, it was already buzzing in warmups and we came out off the bat and got two early goals. We just rode that wave for the rest of the game. Great atmosphere tonight.


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Former Kings on Staff
Craig Johnson, Assistant Coach
Brent Thompson, Assistant Coach
Jeff Solomon, Assistant GM



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**Today’s Poll Question**

and....I got nothin', so, question recycled from a recent game:

Pick any 3 Kings players
You will get 1 point for each assist they get &
2 points for each goal they get

Take your best guesses in your post below.

The only Prize is the glory of seeing your name in the next GDT if you get it right.


Congratulations to the following posters who correctly guessed within +/-2 of 44 hits or 7 points for the Dmen combined

44 hits (3 pts):

Rog or Reg?

43, 45 hits (2 pts):
forum gold

42,46 (1 point):

7 D points (1 point):

King of the Mountain with 63 points - Rusty

60 pts = hornman

58 pts = Angel Eyes, beady eye

55 pts = notbob

54 pts = forum gold

53 pts = VegasHockey

52 pts = jammer06, SirJW

51 pts = Cross Traffic

49 pts = puckoff, VCRW

48 pts = katydid213, Liz4LA

47 pts = Guinevere, mugs, KernCoKingsFan, Nyssa42, pray4mojo

43 pts = Chateau Bow Wow, dannybuoy1, DRGinLBC

42 pts = DRice, Randdog, Rog or Reg?

41 pts = Bill Hicks

40 pts = empire, Rogie-Vachon

39 pts = Dr Tran

38 pts = Byron, Kurisu

36 pts = Drum4Pigs

35 pts = Shackleford, sonnyboy11

31 pts = Jerram

30 pts = symbology

29 pts = JETS GARAGE, Rinkrat

27 pts = TooCool

26 pts = Madness20721

25 pts = JayWells24

22 pts = KHenry14

21 pts = clif

20 pts = waynet

19 pts = Sevenhole

18 pts = Salty Puck

17 pts = CIrvine, fake_it_make_it

16 pts = hihocarp

15 pts = HiFi

10 pts = JC6388LAKings

9 pts = cokingsfan

8 pts = Ice24

7 pts = Hockey53, rfischer

6 pts = Busted Chops, Dexter

4 pts = beedee

2 pts = Ragbone, Tiranga

1 pt = CHARAzard, PuckMaster, STONE


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Will be in the Ponda tonight.
Thanks for the GDT, Nyssa & Jammer.
Go Kings, Go!

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