***LA Kings @ Arizona Coyotes GDT 10/27/23 7:00pm on BSW***


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May 10, 2012

Game Day Thread
Game #7/82

7:00pm start


LA Kings @ Arizona Coyotes
Mullett Arena | Tempe, AZ

Previous Meeting

10/24/23 -- Coyotes 3, Kings 6


**Game Time 7:00pm**


TV:**Bally Sports West**
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Blake Lizotte & Todd McLellan 10/24/23 Post-Game Quotes:

Blake Lizotte
On the team’s mentality in responding after the early goal against

I think we just scored two quick goals and the third later on, I thought there was no panic on our bench, it was like okay, we’ve been here before. We don’t like giving up the first goal, which we’ve done in I think five of our six games, we wish we’d have a better start mostly, but our team is resilient and I think there’s just no panic. I think that’s the sign of a good team.
On his goal tonight and if it embodied the identity of his line
I think you like any goal you score, but yeah, I think that was kind of the identity of our line. I think tonight, the majority of the game was how we were supposed to play. Hard, on the forecheck and create chances. Special teams, sometimes the fourth line can take over the game and guys like Carl, it’s tough to get on in the third period per se, but he’s got a great attitude and I think it’s just what our line’s here for, bring energy and chipping on offense when we can.
On his line getting two goals tonight to help power the offense
Everyone wants to make a difference in the game and when you can do it on the scoresheet, that’s the best feeling ever. We take a lot of pride in little things, but it is nice to get rewarded on the scoresheet.
On a desire to complement the team’s offensive ability with cleaner play defensively
I think through the first five games, you look back at our goals against average, it’s pretty high compared to teams in past couple years going deep in the playoffs, like Boston and Colorado. I think that scenario we need to sure up as we go along here but for the most part, we’re happy with where our team’s at six games in.

Todd McLellan
On his overall thoughts from tonight’s win

Well, we got a win on home ice. Our penalty kill performed fairly well, we gave one up against a real good power play and we knew that that was part of their bread and butter. I thought we had a slow start and our goaltender played extremely well early in the game. Then, in those specialty situations, our power play got one. When you do make mistakes, you rely on good goaltending and we got that today.
On getting that type of production and play from his fourth line
Significant impact. Their ability to, one, start to penalty kill each and every time. Grunny’s got three goals already. They are very trusting line. I know that three or four years ago, there’s a large group that wanted trusting players here. Well there’s three of them on that line right now that get the job done and it’s nice to have that, it’s nice to be able to roll lines. What it does is it affects some other guys that are used to playing a little bit more and if we’re able to continue playing the way we are, we all have to accept that it’s probably going to be a little bit less and that’s just the way it is. We’re fortunate to have Lizzo’s line playing as well as they are right now.
On seeing more of a shooting mentality from forward Kevin Fiala tonight
He’s so good visually with all his passes and stuff but he has a tremendous shot. His goal was the shortest shot he’ll probably take all year, it was what, two inches, but you’ve got to go get those sometimes too in those areas, you can always shoot from 20 feet out. He got his nose dirty in and around the net, he had a shooting mentality, which was a good thing for us and good thing for him. I’m sure he’ll feel better now that he’s you know off that 0-for mound.
On how he felt the group was able to shut down the game in the third period
It was a fairly even game all night. I thought we made some mistakes in the third that our goaltender had to cover up, that’s perhaps what we’re talking about earlier. We gave them opportunities off of our power play, not shorthanded chances, but we put them on the power play. A couple of high sticking calls, deep into our power play, all of a sudden they’re going on it and we had to rely on the goaltender in that situation, and some good penalty killers, to get the job done.


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**Tonight’s Poll Question**

Which player is going to score the FIRST KINGS GOAL of the game?

You can take FOUR guesses
(total goals by both teams question carries over from last game, too)

Take your best guess in your post below -
the only Prize is the glory of seeing your name in the next GDT if you get it right.


Congratulations to the following posters who correctly guessed there would be 8 minor penalties assessed in the game
(last penalty in the 3rd was a major for unsportsmanlike conduct):

Dr. Tran

BYRON is the current King of the Mountain with 4 points
3 points = CIrvine, clif, Dexter, Dr Tran, Nyssa42, Rusty, waynet


Thanks Not Melf for the GDT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kempe, Byfield, Roy, or Grundstrom, NOT MELF!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Nyssa!

Shut out, Moore, Grundy, Kopi

Was supposed to be on a date tonight with Mrs jammer but life is getting in the way, maybe I'll watch the game while it's happening
First goal list: Danault, Kaliyev, Byfield, Fiala

Players who need to get off the schneid list: Danault, Kaliyev, Byfield, Fiala
Thank you, Susan et al!

Kempe, Laferriere, Fiala, Moore

The goals for and against numbers for the Kings look like the 1980s!


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