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Game Day Thread
Game #50/82 -- 02/13/24
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Los Angeles Kings @ Buffalo Sabres
KeyBank Center | Buffalo, NY

Previous Meeting

01/24/24 -- Sabres 5, Kings 3

**Game Time 4:00PM Pacific**


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Byfield, Dubois, & Rittich 2/10/24 Post-Game Quotes:

Quinton Byfield
On the importance of coming out of the break with a victory

It was a really big win for our team. In recent years, they’ve knocked us out of the playoffs twice, so that’s a big win for us, coming off the coaching change as well. I think we all played for each other tonight, I think all had a lot of fun and it was a big win for us.
On making a strong defensive play to lead into his assist on the team’s second goal
Yeah, I think playing defense is very important, I think it’s kind of built into our identity as well. We’ve got a lot of two-way guys who really care about the defensive end, so I was just trying to do my part contribute on that side. I think the puck kind of flipped off, I kind of lost it and then I saw it, I think it was Connor who had it there and I just tried to make a quick stick check before he got around me, it ended up working out. I got the puck, I saw Lewie flying down other side and I wanted to reward him for his good effort there and just tried to make the pass over to him, it was an unbelievable finish by him. Even last game in Nashville too unbelievable finishes.
On any sort of a different message from Jim Hiller since he’s assumed the head-coaching role
Todd was really good, just for myself, he’s a great hockey mind and I’m sure he’s going to get another coaching opportunity, but it was just, we needed a little spark in here, something new, a different voice. Todd, he was amazing to me and my career, he built it, so much respect on that end. Jimmy came in here, took us over, he showed great leadership as a coach. As you saw out there, we’re playing for each other, we’re blocking shots, Ritter played unbelievable. So, we’re all behind him right now and that’s the vibe we need.

Pierre-Luc Dubois
On tonight’s performance and coming out of the break with a big win

We’ve been through ups and downs, but it’s time to have fun again, it’s fun to come to the rink with a smile on our faces. Excited to get back on the ice for practice, excited to get back on the ice for games. We’re together, there’s no doubt in here. The last 20 games haven’t been the way we’ve wanted them to go, but there’s no absolutely no doubt in here. We know what kind of team we have and when we play together and when we do what we can do, we’re a hell of a team and we showed that tonight.
On his performance tonight and his challenge in coming back off the break
Coming back from a break, I think I probably lost 12 pounds tonight. Yeah, it’s never easy. We went on the ice two or three times to get back but the coaching staff here, the first day I got back, they challenged me, they challenged me to be a better player out there and to be a difference maker. That can come with scoring goals, assists but it could also come with hits, drawing penalties, all the the things that maybe not everybody notices. Since they’ve come in, their message is that I can do a lot better and I knew that, but to have it laid out like that, it’s a fun challenge to do.
On not only maintaining a lead tonight but building upon the lead with the third goal
Yeah, it was huge. I’ve heard the three-goal lead is the worst lead in hockey, but a two-goal lead or a one-goal lead is a lot worse than that. To get that third goal, Ritter was playing so well for us, and kept it at a two-goal game. That third goal, I think, changes everything. Then they pull the goalie with, five, six minutes left and their top guys are out there for the last four minutes of the game. They’re great players, but anybody playing a four-minute shift is tired at the end of it. So, that changed everything. I’m not going to lie, everybody on the bench was a little scared at the end for the fourth one, but they got it done and then that was pretty much game over.

David Rittich
On the team’s confidence proving itself in tonight’s win

I know the guys were buzzing and we know we’re a good hockey team, we know that. We just went through a tough stretch and sometimes it’s hard. It’s just like, finally we’re back again, and again, you’re working and can find a way to win. We never lost faith or trust in ourselves, we know we’re good players, a good hockey club, and we can win.
On the performance of the penalty kill in tonight’s win, against a strong PP unit
Yeah, since being up here, the penalty kill has been awesome, so it’s never changed and I don’t think it’s going to change. The guys do an unbelievable job of blocking the shots, taking care of backdoors and making they are making it easier for me.



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Side note: Spence's jersey number still showing wrong in projected lineups.
Yeah, I just copy & paste those from DailyFaceoff.com. they will likely not fix it until next season judging by what they have done in the past. I don't know why it takes them forever to get jersey numbers correct. I suppose I should up my photoshopping skills to learn how to fix it myself.
Anyone wanting to take a shot at that, feel free to do so

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