***LA Kings @ Calgary Flames GDT 3/30/24 7:00pm on KCAL Ch9***

Thanks to last night's debacle, I am eating my weight in Easter Chocolate Bunnies today. Who is with me? :crying:
Lots of chocolate around here today. Eight grandkids, and enough chocolate to kill a dozen normal humans. After last night, I may eat myself to death.

I missed the Edmonton game, but I caught last night's trainwreck. I don't know what to say except that we look spent. Out of gas and no answers. QB has vanished and very few other Kings look like they have much left in the tank. For a relatively young team, that's not a good recipe for success.

And what did we have, like seven shots on goal in the first two periods? I don't remember exactly; I had a hard time staying awake. The Kings looked just as tired as I felt.

Horrible effort all-around. Does not give me much hope for a long playoff run (if we even make the playoffs).
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