***LA Kings @ Columbus Blue Jackets GDT 12/5/23 4:00pm on BSW***


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May 10, 2012

Game Day Thread
Game #22/82

>>4:00pm<< Pacific on BSW


Los Angeles Kings @ Columbus Blue Jackets
Nationwide Arena | Columbus, OH

Last Season's Meetings

03/16/23 -- Blue Jackets 1, Kings 4
12/11/22 -- Kings 5, Blue Jackets 6 (OT)


**Game Time 4:00pm**


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Quinton Byfield & Todd McLellan 12/3/23 Post-Game Quotes:

Quinton Byfield
On being a part of another milestone moment for his linemate, Anze Kopitar

He’s a special player. Every time he gets one, we celebrate a little bit and I’m super happy for him. As I said, to be a part of his journey, when he’s hitting all these milestones, is pretty special. Growing up, you watch guys like that and just being able to play alongside him and watch him break all these records is pretty cool.
On his two goals tonight, both created by getting to the net
I just try to go to the net and get my stick down. Playing with Juice and Kopi, two great passers, so just get there. Yeah, good things happened tonight and I’m happy about that.
On the team’s play in the third period tonight
I thought we were hungry, we took advantage of a team that was playing back-to-back. Those third periods going off back-to-back are a little bit tougher, but we kind of started off slow in the game and each period we got better. I liked how we just kept rolling and everyone’s playing good, so it was a lot of fun.
On getting rewarded more offensively this season, after putting in the work to get here
It feels good. I feel like I was improving every year and more confidence over time, as well as chemistry too, I’ve played with those guys for a little bit now, so I’m really comfortable there. I just find myself comfortable, more and more, every time I get on the ice. Confidence, comfortability and chemistry I think are key ones.

Todd McLellan
On another milestone evening for forward Anze Kopitar

I don’t even know what to say anymore, because I say the same thing over and over again. He means a lot to this team, he’s meant a lot to the 18 other teams he’s played on here. Champion, Hall of Famer in my opinion, I’m sure in everybody’s opinion. We’re so lucky to have him, because he’s such a good teaching tool for everybody. You watch him do it right, over and over and over again, and you can’t help yourself but try and emulate it.
On the team’s play throughout the night, leading into the third-period surge
It was a tough night for us and we knew it would be a tough night for them. It’s hard in this league to play four games in six nights. It doesn’t matter where you are in the standings, what type of team you have, especially with travel, so I thought that the Avalanche played really well. They were quicker than us, they executed better in the first period, but I don’t know if we expected that to happen, but we played our way through and we got better as the night went on.
On another goal for Trevor Moore, who leads the team so far this season
I always talk about his escape skills and it was real evident. Grunny had a big play in it too, to be part of the forecheck and create a situation where Mooresy was allowed to do what he did, but Trev is very sneaky, he’s very quick, he’s very relaxed when he’s doing that. He’s got goalscoring hands right now and that’s a real good thing for him.
On Byfield getting two more goals by getting himself to the front of the net
I think that Q has always wanted to do that. I think he arrived here and he wanted to, but he probably didn’t quite understand how hard it was. You go in there and you’re not really that hard or that prepared for it and you don’t get those results. You put his whole game together and now he’s confident to go in there, he has the ability to stand in and take a blow and still get a stick on a puck. Those were things that he didn’t have when he first got here, not because he couldn’t do them, it’s just he hadn’t experienced it.
On Drew Doughty getting rewarded for a strong night with the empty-net goal
Drew plays a lot of minutes for us and he was excited when he got the empty netter and I bet he was excited for himself but maybe more for Talbs, because Talbs touched the puck and Talbs got an assist. That’s just the way he is, he’s wired that way. You could probably go ask him which, for him, was the most important play, or the play he was most proud of, it was probably breaking up the 2-on-1, incredible stick. When he’s on, his stick is so good, it’s on the ice and he’s getting touches or ticks on pucks, breaking things up, reading where the play is going and killing it. So, when his stick is like it was in that situation, he’s on.


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**Today’s Poll Question**

Part 1- How many points will former Blue Jacket, Vladislav Gavrikov, get in tonight's game?

1 guess only for part 1

Part 2 - Cam Talbot is currently 2nd in GAA and 3rd in SV% in the league. How many SAVES will the Kings goalie(s) make in tonight's game?
You can take 2 guesses.
+/- 1 = 1 point, dead on = 2 points
Take your best guesses in your post below

the only Prize is the glory of seeing your name in the next GDT if you get it right.

Congratulations to the following posters who correctly guessed there would be 6 total PIM's in the previous game:

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Chateau Bow Wow
Bill Hicks

King of the Mountain with 15 points - Rusty

13 points = notbob

12 points = clif

11 points = beady eye, CIrvine, Cross Traffic, Dr Tran, hornman, Nyssa42, Randdog, SirJW

10 points = Angel Eyes, JayWells24, KHenry14, Kurisu, VegasHockey

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7 points = jammer06, katydid213, Sevenhole, VCRW, waynet

6 points = DRice, Madness20721, Rogie-Vachon

5 points = Busted Chops, KernCoKingsFan, Shackleford

4 points = beedee, cokingsfan, Dexter, sonnyboy11, symbology

3 points = Bill Hicks

2 points = Ragbone, rfischer

1 point = PuckMaster, STONE


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Last game was huge for QB. If PLD, the PP, and Arvidsson come to life this team will be reel gud, tho we're already really good.
Wait a second, a game for the Kings after playing two nights ago. Stop the presses!
Thank you, Susan et al!

Part 1: 1 point

Part 2: 24 or 26


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