***LA Kings @ Edmonton Oilers GDT 3/30/23 >>>6:00pm on BSSC (BSSoCal)<<<***

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Part 1: 6,8

Part 2: 12:00, 16:00, 20:00

Tallying this will be new
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Team really misses Vilardi…

Maybe one of the most important games of the year after 2 pretty bad ones and a potential pivoting point in my mind.. Can probably kiss 1st and home ice away with a loss, and I think a big mental game going into the playoffs. Hope they can pull this one out. GKG!
3 or 4 PP goals

10:00 12:00 14:00 PK minutes
This is it, where do the Kings stand? They were having a great run so let's see if it's going to continue.
PP goals: 3 or 4

PK min killed: Im not sure i can even do this math. Good Luck Jammer...

Also, that feeling when their highest scorer has literally twice a smany points as our leading scorer.... 0.0
The whining from this franchise makes its way into the local paper too. A few lines from Edmonton Journal’s game preview that references the last time the teams played:

When it ended with a convincing 6-3 scoreline favouring the ungracious hosts…

Ungracious? How? Maybe they didn’t like the parachuting cups of ramen.

The Oilers were soundly beaten on the scoreboard, but answered the bell on the physical side of things, taking 41 of 70 minutes in penalties. The Oilers had suddenly tired, it seemed, of turning the other cheek.

Yes, those dove-like boy scouts on the Oilers finally decided they were tired of being pushed around. Give me a break.

The rest of the article’s pretty standard but these extra digs at the Kings are classic. The hate is real. And very mutual.

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