***LA Kings @ Florida Panthers GDT 1/11/24 4:00pm on BSW***


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May 10, 2012

Game Day Thread
Game #38/82

4:00pm Pacific on BSW


Los Angeles Kings @ Florida Panthers
Amerant Bank Arena | Sunrise, FL

90's Night! Including Alumni Appearances

The Panthers will welcome back select alumni from the ‘90’s including first-ever Panthers Captain Brian Skrudland to drop the ceremonial puck along with Bill Lindsay, Ray Sheppard and Tom Fitzgerald who will participate in the night’s celebrations

Previous Meeting

11/16/23 -- Panthers 1, Kings 2


**Game Time 4:00pm**


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Matt Roy & Todd McLellan 1/9/24 Post-Game Quotes:

Matt Roy
On where he feels the group is falling short right now

Just finishing. We know we’re a good team, we can get the lead, we know we can play with lead, it’s just for some reason, it’s just not working right now. So, we need to figure it out and stick to the details that make us win and go from there.
On if he feels the mentality of the group is changing with a 2-0 lead
I wouldn’t say it’s mentality. I think we get the lead and we may not be as aggressive as we were to start the game, so I think that could be fixed. I don’t know, it’s just like I said, just sticking to details. We know we know we can win games. Every team goes through slumps and this is ours. We just need to fix it.
On if this is a type of adversity the team can learn from in the long run
Yeah, for sure. We just have to overcome it first. So hopefully, next game, we can have a good effort and come out with a win.
On his goal tonight and his willingness to activate offensively on the rush
That was a good play by Kevin. I’m glad I could get my shot through and have it go in. I think we’re all capable of doing it, I think it’s just a matter of getting bounces here and there sometimes. So hopefully, those keep going in.

Todd McLellan
On tonight’s game and if he saw similarities to Edmonton and Detroit

Every one of these is a little bit different. Again, we have a two goal lead, we’ve got to kill some penalties against a very potent power play, we get that job done, kind of re-establish 5-on-5 play and then we make some critical mistakes. A turnover in the neutral zone, the rush is coming right back at us, that play is just too high risk with seven minutes left. We’ve just gotta get pucks, coaches say this all the time, get pucks behind them and go work for them. We did some of that in the second period, some of it in the third, but in those critical moments, it didn’t happen. We got caught a little bit on a line change on the second one, still a 2-on-3 and that’s got to be killed too. So, a couple of critical mistakes and all of a sudden, the game’s in overtime. The difference between winning and losing, we talked about it before the game, was just a sliver of a moment or a play and we’re still finding ourselves on the wrong side. I thought we played a better game tonight that we did in Washington, so maybe we’re working our way out of it.
On if he feels that team confidence is slipping at all on this losing streak
No, confidence, I don’t think that you walk around town and just lose your confidence. It’s how you play and the things you do that make you feel comfortable on the ice. Some of these decisions that we’re making, tonight and some other games, we made them more accurately early in the season. We didn’t make these mistakes and when we did, we’d clean them up somehow and we’re not cleaning them up, we’re paying the price for it right now. So, we’re in one, we’ll dig our way out, but I don’t think confidence is just lost. You play yourself into confidence or you play yourself out of confidence.
On how he felt the game-tying goal was defended
We stepped up with a d-man and we’re caught in a lane change, we didn’t have support in behind and I think it was Hagel that got the puck in, but even at that point, it’s two versus three and we’ve got it taken care of. He made a good play, kept the puck alive and it’s in the net. So, I’d like to think that we would kill that 99 out of 100 times, in fact, we have to kill that 99 out of 100 times and tonight was one that we didn’t.
On Matt Roy’s goal and his timely ability to join the rush
Offensive defenseman arrive on time. They’re not too early, they’re not too late and they’ve got a little bit of momentum to take them into open ice. A couple of Matt’s goals have been like that lately. He’s arriving on time and he’s able to be moving and his momentum takes him to open ice so he can get a shot off. So, good for him. He’s go confident that way right now, we’ll get a few others like that.


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**Today’s Poll Question**

The Kings (34.0) are #1 in the league for Shots/Game, and the Panthers are #2 (33.9).
The Kings and Panthers are tied for #2 in the league in Shots Against/Game (27.0)

Part 1 - How many total SOG will the Kings get in tonight's game?
Part 2 - How many total SOG will the Panthers get in tonight's game?
+/- 2 = 1 point, +/-1 = 2 points, dead on = 3 points

Take your best guesses in your post below
the only Prize is the glory of seeing your name in the next GDT if you get it right.


Congratulations to the following posters who correctly guessed there would be 0 PPGs or 1 point for the former Kings.
Just like the Kings, nobody got 2 points:

0 PPG (1 point):

Chateau Bow Wow

1 Point former Kings (1 Point):
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Kings of the Mountain with 24 points -
Angel Eyes, notbob, & Rusty

23 points =

22 points = forum gold

21 points = Cross Traffic, Nyssa42, SirJW, VegasHockey

20 points = clif, hornman, Jerram

19 points = beady eye, Randdog

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17 points = CIrvine, Dr Tran, katydid213, Kurisu, Shackleford

16 points = empire, KernCoKingsFan, Rogie-Vachon

15 points = DRGinLBC, jammer06

14 points = dannybuoy1, DRice, hihocarp, JayWells24, KHenry14, Liz4LA, pray4mojo

13 points = Byron, Rinkrat, TooCool, waynet

12 points = Bill Hicks, Madness20721

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10 points = Salty Puck, Sevenhole

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7 points = rfischer, symbology

6 points = Busted Chops

5 points = Ice24

4 points = beedee, Dexter, Drums4Pigs, fake_it_make_it, JETS GARAGE

3 points =

2 points = Ragbone

1 point = JC6388LAKings, PuckMaster, STONE


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28 Kings shots
32 Panthers shots
Thank you Nyssa!

Kings 28 sog
Panthers 32 sog

Definitely wild to think that a potential 7 game skid or more is going on generally speaking the organizations best course might be to grin and bear it.

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