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May 10, 2012


Game Day Thread
Game #53/82 -- 02/18/24
> 3:00 PM< Pacific
on BSW


Los Angeles Kings @ Pittsburgh Penguins
PPG Paints Arena | Pittsburgh, PA


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Previous Meeting

11/09/23 -- Penguins 4, Kings 3 (OT)

**Game Time 3:00PM Pacific**


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Brandt Clarke, Vladislav Gavrikov & Alex Laferriere 2/17/24 Post-Game Quotes:

Brandt Clarke
On if he could have possibly dreamed up his first career NHL goal any better than it actually happened

No, not at all, not at all. My heart was racing for a while in the penalty box and I think from when I touched it at the red line to when everyone was jumping on me, I don’t even really remember that section but that was pretty wild. I’m happy we got the job done.
On when he knew he’d make the move that he did on the game-winning goal
I don’t know, this all happened really fast. I saw he was out, so I didn’t think shot was the best option there, I kind of wanted to get far, so I just tried to make one move to my backhand, try to get him to bite and luckily he did. I had the far side open so I just went back over there. Yeah, that was cool.
On getting that kind of win over a team like Boston
They’re a really, really good team, a lot of skill, a lot of guys that can finish as everyone knows, so you’ve got to be weary of who is on the ice. Overall, I think we played played well. There were some misreads in situations, for both sides, and I think we’re both really good at capitalizing, so they ended up in the back of the net. Those are the ones you’ve got to pull out, when it’s kind of a dogfight both ways, and we did. That was awesome to finish the job there.
On being a player who thrives in the biggest moments of games
My mom always says she loves when I’m out there in the last couple minutes, she thinks something good happens, so she already texted me, saying she said something was going to happen there, so I said that was funny, so shoutout to her. I embrace the moment and I want to make a big play in all situations of the game, but you know, I was in alone on the goalie, so it’s my job to finish there and luckily I did.

Vladislav Gavrikov
On the emotion and intensity of the game

Yeah kind of played against a good team, the crowd was there so a lot of energy and we were glad to find a way.
On the resiliency of the group to come back multiple times in the game
Oh, that was huge. I mean, we got a point anyhow, and it turned into overtime. PK was great, really helped us out and Clark finished it up so that was pretty good.
On the way the team has played the last two games after losing in Buffalo
I mean, we know how we’re going to play and sometimes it’s going sideways, right? And you always got to find a way every single night as it’s a game for two points and we have to go and earn it, every single one. So nothing changes for us. You can fall down a little bit and just got to go and make it two strides forward.

Alex Laferriere
On the way the game played out with a lot of emotion and a playoff-type feel

I think it’s two really good teams going at it. A lot of emotion comes with that. I think [Englund] set the tone right from the start there with that fight that we’re swinging right now and we need to win games. So yeah, I think that definitely felt playoff like.
On many of his team’s goals coming from around the front of the net
They were a really tough team to play against, they play good in transition and they have a Vezina goalie so I think anytime you can get in front of him and kind of get in his eyes and stuff like that, it creates offense. We were lucky enough that they went in today.
On playing for Jim Hiller as his head coach for the last four games
Yeah, I mean it’s awesome. Anytime you have a coach like that, it’s pretty easy to play for him. He’s very energetic on the bench and wants the best out of his players and he knows when guys are going and to get them on the ice so I think that helped a lot.
On what it was like playing in Boston in a building he played at during his college career
It was pretty special. I mean, my favorite team growing up so a lot of players on that team are people I looked up to my whole life so being able to share the ice with them was pretty special. It was pretty cool to just look up and see the arena and I came to watch the Beanpot a couple weeks ago, was watching from the stands so it’s pretty special to be on the ice tonight.


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These jagr articles are amazing. I keep forgetting just how big a dude he still is. Absolutely one of the most terrifying asses on the ice of all time.

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