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Nov 11, 2003
Did anyone see on Twitter the Kings tweeted out a poll for the player of the year. There?s also a contest attached to it where you can win a bunch of prizes. But the interesting thing is who?s in the poll. It?s Danault, Kempe, & Moore with Danault leading. Kopitar s not even listed & he?s the leading scorer on the team. I do think Danault deserves to win this. He?s been consistently excellent from the start of the season.
My vote would absolutely be for Danault. I think he exceeded nearly everyone's expectations, and has seemingly gelled with and made all of his wingers look great.
Danault great FA signing. But I'd give it to Thousand Island boy.
Moore, Danault and Kempe are the only deserving choices. I'd be fine with any of the three being recognized.
I gotta go Danault as well. Kempe probably number two and Moore a close three
Danault, and I'll be at the airport to congratulate him!
Heh, jt and I were talking about that just a few days ago. I gotta go with Danault.
I can't think about a player of the year award when the team is failing at such a crucial time of the season. Maybe this player of the year, will help propel his team into the playoffs?
No doubt it's Danault. It's too bad, but I wouldn't nominate one of the veteran core who insisted on competing this year and being a playoff team. DD is the only one who seemed ready to contribute to that, the captain did better than a lot of us are saying, as he led in scoring, so I guess hard to pick on him - but when he's paid what he's paid AND the captain, I just expect more. JQ started strong but faded when we needed him most - still time to prove me wrong. And not going to beat a dead horse with DB, love the guy, but you know - I just think if you all go to Blake and say we want to win this year, you'd better do all you can on your end because the acquisitions and young guys held up their end pretty well.
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