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Predicting what the Kings will do at the annual NHL Draft brings unique challenges each year, albeit usually different variables each year ultimately play into what happens. For example, when the team was selecting second overall in 2020, we were able to hone in on Quinton Byfield more than a month prior. Back in 2021, signs pointed to them going with Brandt Clarke when we took a look at our final list of candidates for the eighth pick that year. This year is going to be a bit more challenging because after pick 15, the Draft really starts to open up and selections could be made from all over the place, including seeing players projected to go in the second round being taken 20+ picks higher than most expect.

Specific to Los Angeles, there is also another key factor in play that begins with their list of available selections. As of this writing, the team only has four selections:

Round 1 – No. 21
Round 2 – N/A
Round 3 – N/A
Round 4 – No. 118
Round 5 – N/A
Round 6 – No. 182
Round 7 – No. 214

Sure, the Kings have made hay in recent years with their seventh round picks — Matt Roy, Andre Lee, and Aatu Jamsen immediately come to mind — yet it’s the absence of selections in Rounds 2 and 3 that should be concerning.


On the plus side, the Kings have several options at their disposal to try and move back into the second or third rounds. For starters, they’re expected to move forward Arthur Kaliyev either for a draft pick or in a package for a player in return. If it’s the former, that’s one way to acquire an extra selection this year.

They could also trade Roy’s rights. He’ll be an unrestricted free agent on July 1. Would a team like Detroit be interested in getting a 48-hour head start on negotiating with him and possibly locking him up before any other teams can pitch him offers? That would likely generate a fifth — maybe a fourth — round pick for LA.

Another scenario — and they certainly could do both (and even more) — would be to trade pick No. 21 and move back a few spots. In partnering with another team looking to move up, the Kings could acquire an extra pick for agreeing to move back. Value-wise, the deal would likely look something like LA’s No. 21 going to Montreal for the Habs first (No. 26) and second round (No. 57) picks.

One thing we’re not expecting the Kings to do in Round 1 this year is move up. They simply don’t have the assets to do so. Meaning, we’re not expecting them to try and package a current prospect or pick to move from No. 21 up to No. 15. Odds are, LA is going to make the pick at 21 or slide back a few spots and collect the extra tax for doing so. The only other realistic option would be for them to trade No. 21 in a deal for an active NHL player. After all, they have holes at forward and defense at the moment. Something like that was probably more likely before their recent trade with Washington, though.

Outside of Kaliyev, we don’t anticipate them trading any high-end prospect or player for additional draft picks. Maybe Sammy Fagemo if the right deal came along. That wouldn’t be so much about Fagemo the player, as it is available roster spots. With Akil Thomas and Alex Turcotte expected to be on the roster next season, it’s a bit of a stretch to think the team is going to find adequate playing time for three young forwards in the lineup at the same time. Could they rotate around? Sure, it’s just not ideal.

About the only other option that might make sense, would be to trade Matt Roy’s rights. He becomes an unrestricted free agent on July 1. There certainly could be a team willing to get a jump start on things and try to negotiate with him in advance. What would that fetch in return? Probably not much, but something would be better than nothing at all.

So, with all of that in mind, we’ve done extensive homework to cull together a solid candidate pool from which the Kings may be drawing upon when making selections at The Sphere later this coming weekend.

For the sake of brevity, we won’t go into as much detail as normal with players outside the first round. If LA isn’t able to secure an extra pick or two, it could be a long wait to get to the fourth round, where it’s really hard to predict what a team will do after more than 100 players have already been called.

Thus, our Kings 2024 Draft Guide will focus a little more on players they’ll likely be looking at with their first selection — regardless of if that’s at No. 21 or a few spots later.

Below are the 10 names we feel they’ll most likely be focusing on in that range:


(NOTE: Players listed in alphabetical order)

Cole Beaudoin | Forward, OHL

6-foot-2, 201 lbs., shoots left

Buzzwords from scouts: Hard worker, gritty, puck protection, physical, strong on the forecheck, wins battles, and drives the net

Defining characteristic: Character

Our full write-up on Beaudoin can be found here.

Sacha Boisvert | Forward, USHL

6-foot-2, 179 lbs., shoots left

Buzzwords from scouts:Can score from anywhere, distributes the puck effectively, throws big hits, well-rounded, adjusts his speed and tempo, plays both ends of the ice, aggressive forechecker, elusive puck control, rarely makes mistakes, and highly competitive

Defining characteristic: Shot

Our full write-up on Boisvert can be found here.

E.J. Emery | Defenseman, USNTDP

6-foot-3, 185 lbs., shoots right

We think Emery is a more likely target if the Kings trade down than a pick at No. 21, where at least two of their higher rated players will still be there. Don’t mistake that for disinterest. According to several of the people we’ve spoken with in recent weeks, they like Emery, and they like him a lot.

Buzzwords from scouts: Athletic, aggressive, clogs high-danger areas, takes away critical passing lanes, excellent defender, a fantastic skater, has some of the best rush defending tools in this Draft

Defining characteristic: Skating

Our full write-up on Emery can be found here. He also appeared on Kings Of The Podcast, where we dug into his background and future ambitions.

Liam Greentree | Forward, OHL

6-foot-2, 198 lbs., shoots left

We see Greentree in the mix with two other forwards for likely top billing at No. 21.

Buzzwords from scouts: Big frame who finishes opportunities, excellent skater with great crossovers, stick handles with ease, blows by defenders in the neutral zone, avoids poke checks, good vision, variety of accurate passes, creative, makes quick decisions when pressured, thinks the game well, and can release powerful shots from various angles

Defining characteristic: Points producing machine

Our full write-up on Greentree can be found here.

Michael Hage | Forward, USHL

6-foot-1, 190 lbs., shoots right

If the Kings trade back, they most likely are thinking Hage will still be there.

Buzzwords from scouts: Few flaws in his game, high-end intelligence, excels in transitions, good hands, powerful shot, well-positioned on defense, reads plays well, can slow the game down, elite puck carrier, creative, play making machine, tough to pin down when moving at full speed

Defining characteristic: Playmaking

Our full write-up on Hage can be found here.

Dean Letourneau | Forward, USHL

6-foot-7, 209 lbs., shoots right

If the Kings first pick is a forward, and he’s still sitting there, we think he is one of three guys who will be the pick.

Buzzwords from scouts: Really good in a lot of areas, good shot, very good hockey sense, defensive stick is good, defensive anticipation is very good, puck protection getting better, has a quick/heavy release, excels as a playmaker, good vision, uses size to maneuver around opponents, elite transitions for his size, finishes his checks, and has quick hands in tight

Defining characteristic: Incredibly rare combination of skill and size

Our full write-up on Letourneau can be found here.

Jett Luchanko | Forward, OHL

5-foot-11, 183 lbs., shoots right

Along with the other two names above, we believe Luchanko is the other forward to keep an eye on at No. 21. If the Kings stay in that slot and they don’t go with a defenseman, flip a coin on those three names.

Buzzwords from scouts: Plays fast, elite hockey brain, makes decisions before receiving the puck, his skating significantly aids him in the defensive and neutral zones, protects the low slot well, makes players around him better, facilitator, anticipator, effectively passes the puck on both his forehand and backhand, strongly developed defensive game, drives pace of play

Defining characteristic: Hockey IQ

Our full write-up on Luchanko can be found here.

Michael Brandsegg-Nygard | Forward, Norway

6-foot-1, 198 lbs., shoots right

Buzzwords from scouts: Power mixed with impressive puck-handling, flashes of finesse as a passer, his line dominates possession when on the ice, energy, intensity, never takes a shift off, physicality, forechecking, isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty in the corners, rising on most lists due to his overall potential and NHL readiness

Defining characteristic: Compete

Our full write-up on Brandsegg-Nygard can be found here.

Terik Parascak | Forward, WHL

5-foot-11, 179 lbs., shoots right

Like Emery above, we see Parascak who more likely comes into the conversation if LA finds a way to trade down from No. 21.

Buzzwords from scouts: Plays off of teammates well, strong spatial awareness, anticipates offensive plays at a very high level, finds ways to make things happen offensively, outthinks the opposition, and regularly uses creative deception

Defining characteristic: Offensive hockey sense

Our full write-up on Parascak can be found here.

Stian Solberg | Defenseman, Norway

6-foot-2, 201 lbs., shoots left

If the Kings first pick is a defenseman, and he’s still sitting there, this is almost surely their guy. Early word this week is he could go before pick No. 15.

Buzzwords from scouts: Very dependable player, physical, two-way defender, good skater, capable with the puck, plays all situations, solid possession game, consistent, active at both ends of the ice, hits like a truck, big frame with a lot of muscle, and maintains a high energy level

Defining characteristic: Physicality

Our full write-up on Solberg can be found here.


Again, without a second or third round pick entering the Draft, it’s nearly impossible to target who the team might be interested in during the later rounds — as well as who might still be on the board when it’s their turn to pick in (potentially) rounds three through seven.

Even so, we’ve pulled together a list of 10 potential names for what we’ll call middle round and then late round selections.

Middle Rounds​

Wild Cards: It’s highly unlikely the Kings will be able to add a pick high enough to land either Emil Hemming (forward) or Jesse Pulkkinen (defenseman). However, stranger things have happened on Draft Day. Because the likelihood is so small, we didn’t add them to our group below.

Jacob Battaglia – forward
Kamil Bednark – forward
Spencer Gill – defenseman
Tomas Lavoie – defenseman
Luca Marrelli – defenseman
Henry Mews – defenseman
Javon Moore – forward
Max Plante – forward
Teddy Stiga – forward
Eemil Vinnie – goalie

Late Rounds​

Lucas Ellinas – forward
Lukas Fischer – defenseman
Jake Fisher – forward
Aatos Koivu – forward
Blake Montgomery – forward
Pavel Moysevich – goalie
Ilya Nabokov – goalie
Kaden Shahan – forward
Jared Woolley – defenseman
Brodie Ziemer – forward

That’s a wrap for now. The entire Mayor’s Manor team will bring you coverage throughout Draft weekend, including comments from players and members of Kings management.


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