***LA Kings @ Toronto Maple Leafs GDT 10/31/23 5:00pm on ESPN***


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May 10, 2012

Game Day Thread
Game #9/82

5:00pm Pacific on ESPN


LA Kings @ Toronto Maple Leafs
Scotiabank Arena | Toronto, ON

Last Season's Meetings

12/08/22 -- Kings 0, Maple Leafs 5
10/29/22 -- Maple Leafs 2, Kings 4


**Game Time 5:00pm**


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Phillip Danault & Todd McLellan 10/28/23 Post-Game Quotes:

Phillip Danault
On his takeaways from tonight’s game and getting the one point in the shootout

Could have went either way, I think. We played pretty well and it was a really tight game to be honest. They capitalized on the power play once, I don’t know if Dewy’s was [a power-play goal] but it was a solid goal. We battled pretty hard and we definitely played better than yesterday.
On if he felt the Kings tightened the screws defensively tonight compared to the Arizona games
Yeah, we knew what we were facing, the Stanley Cup champs, so we definitely had to be at our best and on the back to back as well. I would say we played a pretty solid 60 minutes.
On the evolution of his line with Arthur Kaliyev now as the third member
Yeah, I mean, it’s obviously different, but I think Arty is working hard and he’s more involved in battles, keeping the puck a little bit more, but we’re still adjusting. I think he’s been doing a good job getting some pucks for us and he’s got a heavy shot as we know. He’s playing well.
On the power play right now and where he feels it’s falling short
It’s a matter of time, it’s going to work at some point, but it can always be on point. I think we definitely can improve on the power play for sure, with all the skills and the talent we have here, we can definitely chip in a little bit more.

Todd McLellan
On his takeaways from a hard-fought game against Vegas

I thought it was a hell of a game. In my opinion, it was pretty evenly played, back and forth. A few mistakes, fourth lines scored, they got a power-play goal, we got a 6-on-5, our penalty kill was really good in overtime there’s was good in the third when it needed to be, a heavy, hard game, some good goaltending. They are the measuring stick, obviously, they’ve earned that right and we were able to play a pretty good game right there with them. When you compare that to maybe what we did against Colorado, Carolina, Boston, some of the other, if you want to call them upper-echelon teams, or supposedly based on their past, I thought we played this one better than those others. Everything was even, we both played yesterday, I thought both teams got a little sluggish at times and made some mistakes, but it was a good night for for both clubs.
On the team’s commitment to a stronger defensive performance tonight
We did, we needed to be. There’s still going to be mistakes, there’s going to be pucks that bounce off feet and end up in the wrong spots, but that’s when your goaltender comes up and Talbs did a real good job for us in cleaning up some of our messes. Much more detailed, much more committed, better game management skills throughout the group.
On his assessment of the power play tonight
It was really good last night, so you have good nights and bad nights. That’s the Stanley Cup champs, they’re a pretty good penalty-kill team. I think we put eight god shots on goal on the power play. If you want to just zero in on the four-minuter, it didn’t go as well as we wanted to but we had our opportunities. At the end of the night, the special teams won’t show that it was equal, but the 6-on-5 goal, in my mind, is an advantage that we took took advantage of. Where we lost the special teams battle was in the shootout tonight.
On if he’s sensing any frustration right now from Adrian Kempe
I would imagine, inside that body, there is. He does a pretty good job of not showing it but I would think there is. He’s had some real good shooting opportunities, hust hasn’t got them off clean, and that’s actually a tip of the hat from the other teams to him. Once you start putting 40 or more up, your number is circled on the board, they check the crap out of you if you will and you got to find ways to get it done. He had some chances tonight, he took the puck to the net in overtime. It’ll eventually go but I’m sure there is a little bit of frustration.
On Cam Talbot’s play over the last 48 hours
That’s nothing that I haven’t seen in the past, a stabilizing, steady goaltender. I think he has a real good sense of game management as well, when to get whistles, when to slow things down. He reads the play well and can anticipate what might be coming next, the save in overtime, the one shot they had, sometimes you’ve got to read that and come across at the right time to make the save and I think that was as much hockey intelligence as it is athleticism and goaltending.


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NO Former Kings
(Jake Muzzin is a scout for the Leafs now, though)







**Tonight’s Poll Question**

Yup, I'm going there:
At WHAT TIME of the game will ADRIAN KEMPE score his first non-empty-net goal of the season?

Use the "___ min:sec of the ___ period" (1,2,3,OT) format, where 0:00 is the start of the period.

You can also guess SO for 2 possible points
- or you can guess "NO Kempe non-EN goals tonight" for 1 possible point.

You can take THREE guesses
+/- 3:00 will get 1 point, +/- 2:00 will get 2 points, and +/- 1:00 will get 3 points.
A correct guess of SO will get 2 points.
A correct guess of "No non-EN goals" will get 1 point.

Take your best guesses in your post below -
the only Prize is the glory of seeing your name in the next GDT if you get it right.


Congratulations to the following posters who correctly guessed Eichel would have the deciding shoot out goal:

Dexter, KernCoKingsFan, Madness20721, rinkrat, Cross Traffic, Guinevere, dannybuoy1, DRice, Rusty, VegasHockey, katydid213, AngelEyes, notbob, Busted Chops, sonnyboy11, Dr. Tran, forum gold, DRGinLBC, SaltyPuck, Jerram, Kurisu, cokingsfan, Chateau Bow Wow, Shackleford, SirJW, hornman, hihocarp, Liz4LA, TooCool, beady eye, Clif, mugs

Dr. Tran is the current King of the Mountain with 5 points
4 points = Byron, clif, Dexter, Rusty
3 points = CIrvine, dannybuoy1, Jerram, Nyssa42, TooCool

if you think your point totals are incorrect, shoot me or jammer06 a PM & we'll make it right


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Thanks Not Melf for the GDT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:22 remaining in the second period, or he's not scoring a non empty netter.
Happy Halloween, Kings Peeps!

This is my day! Hopefully we get a Kings win in our Halloween Basket Tonight!


This is a scary game tonight. Toronto's PP is frightening and their PK is so devilish. The Kings have to stay out of the sin-bin to survive, if not it will be a ghostly night.
Happy Spooky Night! Go Kings Go!

No Kempe non empty net goal
5:00 of the 2nd
12:00 of the 3rd
No Non-EN Goal
Thanks Susan! I see that you tweaked the question so that the Kings could technically still lose but Kempe could score a non EN goal lol.

My guesses: No Non-EN Goal, 10:00 of the 1st, 10:00 of the 3rd.

Go Kongs!
10:45 or 16:45 of the First.
No non-EN goal
6:30 of the 1st
11:30 of the 2nd
No non-EN goal tonight
10:31 of 1st
10:31 of 2nd
10:31 of 3rd
No empty better goal
4:55 of the second
10:23 of the third
7:34 of the 1st
12:13 of the 2nd
17:53 of the 3rd
9 mins of the 1st
7:30 of the 2nd
12:30 of the 3rd

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