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Game Day Thread
Game #71/82 -- 3/25/24
6:00pm on BSW


LA Kings @ Vancouver Canucks
Rogers Arena | Vancouver, BC


Previous Meetings

03/05/24 -- Canucks 2, Kings 1 (OT)
02/29/24 -- Kings 5, Canucks 1


**Game Time 6:00PM**


Radio: LA Kings iHeartRadio

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Byfield (video), Anderson & Hiller 3/23 Post-Game Quotes:

Mikey Anderson
On the defensemen contributing with two big goals tonight

We don’t get those very much as d-men, so it’s obviously a different situation than we’re in usually, but it’s fun. It’s something you want to try and help out and you’re happy that me and Gavy could both score tonight to help out.
On the intensity in tonight’s game
Yeah, obviously these are big points for us, for them too, and both teams have won some games coming in. We knew it was going to be a fight, it was physical, both teams defended pretty good. Yeah, I thought it was overall a really good hockey game and we were happy to get the extra point today.
On a strong night from the Kings
I think in the room, we know what we have and how good we can be if we do it the right way consistently and together. We’ve beaten some good teams this year and we’ve lost some games we thought we should have won, but obviously if we have things going the right way, we like our chances against anyone. Obviously they’ve had a lot of success the last couple of years so they’re a good team to test yourself against, they know how to win, so being able to come out and play that well against them lets the team know that we’re moving the right way.
On turning things around at home with a 9-2-1 record since the All-Star break
I think just trying to continually do what we need to do. I think maybe on the road, we played a little more simple, smarter, I don’t want to say play the percentages, but made plays when they’re there, played a harder, heavier game when we needed to. I think now, we’ve done that a little bit more consistently at home.
On the mentality boost of beating a hot team like Tampa Bay
I think it’s good for the group. We’ve had a couple of different games recently where we’ve been able to score a lot and haven’t given up many, so being in a tighter game, which is the way games are going to go down the stretch here, I think it’s good to be a part of it, to feel it and find a way to come out on top.

Jim Hiller
On the win over Tampa Bay

Better ending [than the game in Tampa Bay], that’s the big part. I thought we, at 5-on-5, played a really strong game. I thought it was a good hockey game, fast paced, lots of skill on both sides. It didn’t feel very good when they tied it, that’s for sure, but what a great way to end it with the two defenseman scoring big goals for us.
On penalties tonight and the PK vs. PP battle
One of those things that we probably stressed too much, because we knew that was going to be a key part of the game and then we ended up taking three I think and they get two. Last one came in the last second, as we stepped out of the box. I thought we did a pretty good job on it until the end and all they need is basically one second, a seam, a one-timer, we’ve seen that goal over and over again by those players. We did a good job on the PK, that wasn’t really the issue, they just they executed when they had a chance and they buried.
On the intensity in tonight’s game and playoff-style hockey
I thought it was physical tonight. I don’t know if it looked like that from your perspective, but down on the ice, it was fast, it was physical, a little nasty at times, it had all the elements of a playoff game and we’re sure glad we came out on top.
On if he feels the team is finding its game and form on home ice as of late
100 percent, it really is. It took us going on the road maybe to get our game back together and we’ve brought it home. I think you start putting enough in a row, you got a hiccup here and there, but then you start to feel like yourselves again and I think we’re back in that groove.
On getting that level of skill goals from two of the team’s defensemen
Those players do so much of the dirty work, we call it heavy lifting, blocking shots, staying back and defending, cross checking and doing all that kind of stuff. I think when the players, when the team, sees one of those guys, and tonight, both of them score, you get extra excited for those guys because you know that’s not necessarily the job. They don’t get a lot of opportunities, so when they score, it’s a really exciting moment for everybody, because everybody appreciates the work they do, the dirty work.


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