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May 10, 2012


Game Day Thread
Game #41/82

5:00pm Pacific on ESPN+ & Hulu


Los Angeles Kings @ Dallas Stars
American Airlines Center | Dallas, TX

Last Season's Meetings

01/19/23 -- Stars 4, Kings 0
01/03/23 -- Stars 2, Kings 3
11/01/22 -- Kings 2, Stars 5


**Game Time 5:00pm**


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Trevor Moore (video), Mikey Anderson & Todd McLellan 1/15/24 Post-Game Quotes:

Mikey Anderson
On the relief of finally snapping the losing streak

Yeah, obviously it’s been a while, but you feel a little relief with the group. Over the stretch, I feel like we’ve been doing some good things, obviously there have been some breakdowns that go the wrong way but for the most part, we played some decent games that just didn’t go our way. So, to have one come out the right way, feels really good.
On doing a lot of good things, despite the losses, and having those things pay off
We watched some of the good stuff we’re doing, throughout that stretch, and there was a fair amount that was good, maybe more good than bad and for whatever reason, it just wasn’t happening. I thought the group held together good throughout it all, everyone’s got each other’s back. It’s nice to have a full performance tonight and come away with two points.
On the play of David Rittich behind the group tonight
Awesome. The last couple of years, we’ve had goalies come up when we need them. He had a few tonight, I think it was the end of the second, a couple of huge saves, breakaways a couple of times, that was big. The game can switch, momentum can change ways, but he was strong when we needed him and that’s something you like to see from a guy like him.
On getting two points tonight and seeing several defensemen chip in offensively
That’s an area ever since I’ve been here, I guess, we’ve talked about wanting to expand, get better. Obviously, some of us maybe not as offensive as others but if we’re able to help out and contribute, that’s something we want to keep doing. It feels good to have it and help out a little bit, more than just defending, so obviously felt good and we’re just happy for two points tonight.

Todd McLellan
On the relief of getting back in the win column tonight in Carolina

I think relief was a word you’d probably hear from a lot of guys but I’d rather choose reward, because we did do a lot of things the right way and we have on this trip. We finally got the reward for it, so that’s a good sign for us. A lot of energy and emotion went into that game. Penalty kill was great, goaltending was outstanding, everybody contributed. Losing Lizzo two minutes in didn’t help either, but guys dug in and we pulled ourselves out of it and now we’ve got to find a way to stay out of it.
On David Rittich’s performance in tonight’s game
Well, the guys nicknamed him Big Save Dave, so he made some real big saves. That type of effort’s needed to get a team out of this funk, sometimes the goalie has to steal one. I’m not sure that was the case tonight but he played extremely well and the team played well around him.
On getting goals from Dubois and Laferriere at 5-on-5 tonight
Makes a world of difference, it really does, it takes some pressure off the power play and the top six. To see them end up on the positive side was nice, again, reward for them.
On the stretch early in the third period that turned 1-1 into 4-1
Yeah, it was nice to see but there wasn’t one key to what happened. They all came in different forms. So, I can’t see say there was a trend or we made an adjustment, it was just playing the game. I thought we went to the net hard when there was stuff laying around and got rewarded.
On the production from the blueline tonight, led by Mikey Anderson’s two assists
Yes, some of their assists were long, even out of our end, sending pucks out to the neutral zone which is I think really important against this type of team and then in the zone they move the puck around wildly. We struggled to score and some of that has to do with the demons, lack of involvement. But tonight it was good.


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Congratulations to jammer06,
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