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May 10, 2012

Game Day Thread
Game #25/82

>>4:00pm<< Pacific on BSW


Los Angeles Kings @ New York Rangers
Madison Square Garden | New York, NY

Last Season's Meetings

02/26/23 -- Kings 2, Rangers 5
11/22/22 -- Rangers 5, Kings 3


**Game Time 4:00pm**


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Drew Doughty & Todd McLellan 12/9/23 Post-Game Quotes:

Drew Dougthy
On the game flow tonight, ending in the eventual overtime defeat

I mean, obviously we kind of gave them momentum in the third period. It seemed like we had that game under wraps, seemed like we were going to do the job and then just one mistake and then all the sudden they got the momentum and they came back.
On if he felt the Kings could have put the game away with another goal in the second
Yeah, of course, but when we’ve got a lead like 2-0, we just simply can’t be making mistakes like we did. We talked about net play and two of the goals were net play. We’ve got to do a better job.
On if tonight can be one to learn from, for the first time after a road loss
I mean, this is going to happen, this is the NHL, there’s going to be times. You never want to give up a third-period lead, but there’s going to be times when you do it. I guess fortunately we got a point, but we’re going to definitely have a sour taste in our mouth because I thought we should have had two.
On what he liked most from the second period tonight
We were direct. We were making some good plays, the power play got us one, penalty kill was awesome tonight, goaltending was good. We just can’t have any lapses. In the NHL, teams take one opportunity and they make the most of it and we’ve just got to take those out of our game.

Todd McLellan
On his evaluation of tonight’s game and game flow

Well, it didn’t end up where we wanted it to. I thought the first period was a little bit risky on our behalf. I thought the second period was outstanding. We played real good, straight ahead hockey, our hockey. Then, when I told you in Montreal that we played playoff-type hockey in the third, we only did it for half a period and it’s amazing how one play can change the momentum of a game, a play that didn’t have to be made, but it was. When you’re in tight games, little mistakes like that add up. A faceoff loss and it’s in our net and all of a sudden, we’re on the losing end. We had complete control of the game until that happened.
On if he felt the Kings could have put the game away in the second with another goal
That was the other part of the game, we had multiple chances, especially in the second, even in the third we had a few I think of Kempe’s breakaway. We’ve got to give ourselves a little bit of a cushion offensively to make mistakes, but when we didn’t do that, we still should be able to shut that game down. That’s the disappointing part. Were built to do that and we have done it all year and again, one mistake can magnify real quick.
On seeing Alex Laferriere sell out to block a shot with seconds left, to get the game into overtime
Absolutely. He sells out, we’ve seen that a number of times from him, where he is really willing to lay out in front of a shot. I’m not even sure on the second one, if we were in the shooting lane or not, I’ll have to go back and look at it but Laf did a real good job in that situation with only a few seconds left. They had a good look at the net.
On if he thinks not talking about a winning streak anymore could be a benefit
You know what, I don’t even feel like we have been talking about it. We don’t talk about it in here, only you guys do. We didn’t come in and say hey, we’ve got to get to whatever it was, 11 in Montreal or 12 here. We just worry about our game and it’s as simple as that. Tomorrow, nobody’s going to ask me about it, which is fine, but it wouldn’t have mattered one way or the other.


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Former Kings

Jonny Brodzinsky

Jonathan Quick



JONATHAN QUICK 7-0-1 .918 SV% 2.34 GAA
PHEONIX COPLEY 4-0-2 .873 SV% 3.03 GAA





**Today’s Poll Question**

How many TOTAL SAVES will be made by BOTH GOALIES in tonight's game?
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Congratulations to the following posters (pretty much everyone except me) who correctly guessed Kempe for the first goal:

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