***LA Kings @ Winnipeg Jets GDT 10/17/23 5:00pm on BSW***


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Game Day Thread
Game #3/82
*Game Time 5:00pm*


LA Kings @ Winnipeg Jets
Canada Life Centre | Winnipeg, MB

Last Season’s Meetings

10/27/22 -- Jets 6, Kings 4
02/28/23 -- Kings 6, Jets 5 (SO)
03/25/23 -- Jets 1, Kings 4

*Game Time 5:00pm Pacific**


TV:**Bally Sports West**
Radio: LA Kings iHeartRadio app
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Anze Kopitar & Todd McLellan 10/14/23 Post-Game Quotes:

Anze Kopitar
On his takeaways from the third period tonight and what led to the comeback

I didn’t really think the whole game was necessarily bad. I mean, yes, the third period, you’re down two, so you’re going to be pressing, but I thought we were dictating the play throughout the night. It’s just those you know costly mistakes, obviously giving up two shorties, one on a line change, it just can’t happen. At the end of the day, it’s six goals against and it’ll happen every once in a while, but now we’ve given up five and six in the first two games, so that number has got to go down.
On his thoughts from the performance tonight on special teams
It’s bittersweet. You don’t need the power play to necessarily win you games all the time, but it certainly can’t lose it. It was obviously good to see that we got two on the power play, I guess that kind of evened it up, but two shorties is unacceptable.
On the defensive effort, and if he felt there was a turning point in that area later in the game
It was some uncharacteristic mistakes. Talking the shorties again, that certainly can’t happen, and then the line change goal, which hurt us in the end. Obviously a good thing to see that you turn it up or lock it down, whatever you want to call it and come back and at least get the one point.
On what the focus is with fixing things moving forward
Yeah, you just tighten it up. I mean, it’s not too hard, I’d say. It’s some mistakes that shouldn’t happen and won’t happen in order for us to win the game.

Todd McLellan
On if tonight was a good point earned, or a bad point lost

It’s a very good point we earned, it’s a bad point we gave away. I think the resilience of the group coming back and not quitting and actually playing, for the most part, a pretty good game. The brain cramps – I can’t use the words I’d like to use – and the individual errors were very costly for the group as a whole and those have to get cleaned up. There’s some guys that need to get sharp.
On what he felt turned the game around once it got to 5-2
I thought our penalty kill did a good job. There was some momentum gained off of doing a good job and we didn’t have to kill many, but if it gets away on us any further, we’re in trouble. I thought that Lizzo’s line did a real good job of energizing the group again. We can talk about Copper maybe wanting to have a save back, but he stopped, when Kev turned the puck over again for another shorthanded breakaway, that was a big moment as well.
On his evaluation of the special teams tonight
I would say that the shorthanded goals were, again, I think more individual than group, system or structure, unfortunately. But, to score two, pull your goalie and get another one, against Carolina who’s notoriously very stingy with penalty-kill situations, we’ll take that tonight.
On where he sees things standing, positively and negatively, through two games
We held this team to 19 shots on goal and that rarely happens to Carolina. We did a pretty good job against Colorado, yet we gave up [11] goals in two games and that’s not good, so what’s happening, where are they coming from? We’ll start in the crease, we’ve got to get better in that area. Our back end wasn’t real strong against Colorado, it was better tonight. Our special teams gave up to on the power play tonight that’s not good, so it’s happening from all over the place. We will score enough goals to win games, I believe we will. It’s the tightening up of certain areas of our game and tonight I point at individuals, I don’t think our team was bad, I think some individuals were sloppy.


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Former Kings

Alex Iafallo

Rasmus Kupari

Gabriel Vilardi






**Tonight’s Poll Question**

How many TOTAL POINTS will be scored in tonight's game by former Kings Alex Iafallo, Rasmus Kupari, and Gabriel Vilardi, PLUS former Jet, Pierre-Luc Dubois?
You can take THREE guesses
Take your best guess in your post below - the only prize is the glory of seeing your name in the next GDT if you get it right.

No one guessed that there would be 10 combined goals in the previous game. Byron guessed 11, so I'm gonna give them a point since I'm still in preseason form and didn't clarify that it was non-shootout goals.

I'll start listing the win totals around game 5 or 6 when things get spread out a bit.

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I'm actually going to be sad watching Iaffalo and Vilardi playing against us. Indifferent to Kupari, But I was a big fan of the other two and PLD hasn't shown me enough to be excited about to make me not miss the other two. This will be an interesting game.
Thank you Nyssa!
I'll go with 2,3,4 points combined by the traded types
Side wager, pld scores more than the other 3 combined

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