Rumors Maple Leafs, Canucks Among Teams Pushing Hard for Tyler Toffoli


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Amid the flurry of NHL trade deadline discussions, one name prominently circulating is Tyler Toffoli, and the New Jersey Devils find themselves at a crossroads regarding the forward’s future. Reports suggest that the Devils are open to retaining Toffoli but are grappling with contract negotiations. While the team aims for a three or four-year extension, Toffoli is pushing for a lengthier five or six-year deal. The potential disparity in contract terms has prompted the Devils to entertain trade offers, eyeing returns in the form of multiple picks or a combination of a pick and a prospect.

Tyler Toffoli has been pretty good at avoiding trade deadline rumors … except for when his dad texts him Tweets ????

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Toffoli would like to stay in Jersey, but he’s well aware that trade talks are out there. He admitted he does his best to avoid hearing too much, but when you’ve got teams like Vancouver, Los Angeles, Toronto, the New York Rangers, and others calling, it’s hard not to wonder. The next 24 hours will be a whirlwind for the highly-coveted forward.

What Teams Are Working Hardest on a Toffoli Trade?​

Although the Devils aren’t actively shopping Toffoli, teams, including the Toronto Maple Leafs, have expressed interest. The Leafs have inquired about the forward, but as of now, the price remains steep, potentially evolving as the trade deadline approaches. They just added Joel Edmundson and have cap space to do more, but they lack the draft capital the Devils are likely looking for.

Surprisingly, the Vancouver Canucks are reportedly considering re-acquiring Toffoli, reflecting on his successful stint with the team. He posted 14 points in 17 games for the Canucks, playoffs included. Vancouver is rumored to be on a few big names, including Jake Guentzel.

The Los Angeles Kings are also in the mix, exploring cap gymnastics to bring Toffoli back to the organization.


Tyler Toffoli NHL trade deadline rumors

Finally, the New York Rangers, known for their depth, are reportedly keen on Pittsburgh Penguins’ Jake Guentzel but are also keeping tabs on Toffoli. It would be unconventional to see as Devils-to-Rangers trade scenario, but it’s not unheard of. The cost to New York would likely be at a premium, however.

The evolving Toffoli situation remains one to watch over the next 24 hours. Trade discussions are ongoing as teams navigate the complexities of player contracts and potential roster reshuffling in the lead-up to Friday’s deadline. Toffoli is one of the bigger names still out there.

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The post Maple Leafs, Canucks Among Teams Pushing Hard for Tyler Toffoli appeared first on NHL Trade Talk.

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