McLellan fired


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Jun 14, 2023
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I'm guessing if Hiller can't get us past the 1st round, he's gone too.

This coaching change was long overdue. We all knew Todd took this team as far as he could take it. Time for a new(ish) voice.
Unfortunately the right move. One more win can’t move the needle in a serious organization. Also getting outshot 17-3 in the third against a team that hit three posts is just as damning as a loss.

That said, I don’t know if this turns anything around just by elevating Hiller rather than brining in a Berube or Gallant. As someone else here said, Blake pulled the goalie.
Any sense that this is the final move?
As far as a coach?
the press released says interim for the remainder of the season

I guess if he drops 10 more without a win, Hiller would be gone as well
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Not surprised. Let's see if the players respond because according to them, it wasn't the coach.

Hiller likely isn't the solution, I don't expect a turnaround.
Blake covering his butt for poor roster moves.
Yep, and just putting in Hiller for the rest of the year seems like a week move. However, if they play the same system, but Hiller is willing to through other players out in OT, or call timeouts when games start to get out of hand. May be a decent improvement.
Todd was always at best an average decision choice at best when Blake hired him.
He was never going to take the Kings to a championship. It was always going to end up like this.

At this point, Todd being "average" got coupled with Blakes horrific roster and player acquisition decisions, and that was a one-two punch of failure. Blake is now in CYA mode.

If AEG and Danny B get smart, they will see that what they have at the Kings is what they had at Galaxy: The old bro-culture, hire your friends, and former teammates, hire the guys you used to know or played for. Nobody smart from the outside. Insiders only. Echo-chamber front office mentality.

That style of FO wrecked the Galaxy. This past year Danny B, Uncle Phil cleaned house at Galaxy and threw out all the front office echo-chamber. Hired outsiders who know the game and have top tier successful experience. The Galaxy are on the way up.

Kings fans: Pray to the hockey gods, and light a candle of Uncle Phil and hope he fires Blake by the end of the season.
Then hire a new GM (from the outside) who will hire a new coach and bring the Kings back to the promise land. A decade of mediocrity is far far too's time for a change.
He's done a tremendous job moving us forward... which is why we fired him.

Gonna be honest, I will forget he ever existed by the time I finish writing this post.


Wait, who were we talking about?
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