***Minnesota Wild vs. LA Kings GDT 11/8/22 7:30pm on ESPN+ & Hulu only***

1. 3rd period

2. 1 point


McLellan on Matthew Tkachuk’a actions late in the game
That’s what he does. It makes him a good player, it makes him a villain. Do we like the poking in [Quick]’s facemask? Of course we don’t, but I don’t think it’s anything that we can deal with. Now other people have to look at it.

I've got to say that "official" attitude absolutely stinks. It's like seeing a woman getting beaten up by a guy for her purse and standing back and saying it's something for the cops to deal with. Ketchup's got form, it was no accident and, irrespective of the loss to the team, as a human being with a family Quick could have had a career ending injury. The crime would have been done by the time that moron had been dealt with, but due to the criminally serious potential in that premeditated act, he nevertheless should have been dealt with on the ice and the hell with the consequences.
GWG in the 3rd

Fiala gets One
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Thanks Susan! Feel better soon!

For the GDT Questions I'm going with..... 3rd period GWG and 0 points for Fiala.

I sense a really bad Kings team tonight on a rainy Tuesday. They're not used to this weather in So. Cal so it'll make them forget how to hockey.
Thanks Nyssa and Jammer for making this stuff happen.

3rd period for the GWG...
Fiala has 1 point tonight.

Go Kings!
Feeling way better!! Yay!! Haven't tested yet to see if I'm negative....I'll wait till late in the day tomorrow.

I'll go with 3rd period for the winner and 1 point for Fiala