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May 10, 2012

Game Day Thread
Game #69/82 -- 3/20/24
7:00pm on


Minnesota Wild vs. Los Angeles Kings
Crypto.com Arena | Los Angeles, CA


Previous Meeting

10/19/23 -- Kings 7, Wild 3


**Game Time 7:00PM**



Radio: LA Kings iHeartRadio

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Adrian Kempe (video), Vladislav Gavrikov & Jim Hiller 3/19 Post-Game Quotes:

Vladislav Gavrikov
On his goal tonight and how he saw that play unfold

I was just trying to get the puck to the front of the net, get a tip or something, but that was a good screen. Basically, if you hit the net, it’s always a good chance to score a goal.
On the Kings focusing on their play throughout the game tonight
It’s always about us. Same two points for us, we’re just looking at ourselves, how we’ve got to play and just get the two points every single night. That’s our goal.
On the team’s improved record at home since the All-Star break
Everything just a little bit, little details are important, to just start paying attention more on that. We didn’t change much, just like those details that we try to improve every single day.
On hitting 100 career NHL points
Well yeah, it’s not 1000, but it’s something to achieve for me. The most important point is the two points for us as a team. I’m just looking forward to getting another two next game.

Jim Hiller
On his takeaways from tonight’s game

The score ends up similar to the score in Chicago, but we played so much better in Chicago. Having problems passing, obviously early, getting much of anything done, but you know what, this time of the year, the most important thing is to get the two points. We can [analyze] this one all we want, but we don’t have time for that. We’ve got a good opponent coming in tomorrow night.
On having two of the big guns, Kopitar and Kempe, step up in a game like that
That was just it. We needed somebody and we were wondering who that was going to be. Nice to see the big guys, Kopi in particular with the two goals. One really nice goal off the forecheck, that’s a part of our gameplan, was to forecheck, we didn’t do a lot of it, but that one was it to a tee, so we really appreciated that. The power-play goal, throw it there, we’ve got people that are in and around the net and we get a little bounce on that one.
On if a greasy goal like Kopitar’s second can spark a struggling PP unit
I hope so. You take them how you get them, and sometimes they’re really nice, but what we did have was really good numbers at the net. Q was right there, Kopi was right there, the puck was delivered, you don’t know where it’s going to end up but if it hits a stick, it’s a goal, it goes off a foot or a leg, whatever we were in good spots. We were on the backside of the net, where the goalie wasn’t, and the puck was delivered to that area. We will take that kind of attempt every time.
On another strong night from Cam Talbot between the pipes
It was not an easy game for him. There was a lot of pucks deflected that he saw through traffic, he made a lot of saves that were through some deflections. I just thought he looked really good, I just didn’t think he looked like he was scrambling. We might have been scrambling in front of him at times, but I thought he looked pretty composed the whole way. Not a lot of rebounds, not a lot of second chances.
On getting a goal from the backend, from a source other than Drew Doughty
We’ll take what we can get for sure. What’s most important is that we outscore the other team. If they’re playing good defense and allowing our forwards to break out and outscore the other team, we’ll take it the end of the night, we’re concerned with outscoring the other team. Do we like him when they score, could we use more, of course, but ultimately, they do their job, forwards do their job, goalie does his job and we have more than the other team, we’re happy.


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Former Kings Draft Picks
Brock Faber

Jacob Middleton




Players to Watch

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***Today’s Poll Question***

CAM TALBOT is tied for 2ND IN THE LEAGUE in Save % (.917),
and RITTICH has a .916%, 3rd best in the league, although he only has 20 games played so not listed among league leaders.

Part 1 - How many SAVES will the Kings goalie make?

Part 2 - How many SAVES will the Wild goalie make?
1 guess only for each part

+/- 2 = 1 point, +/1 = 2 points, dead on = 3 points
(so 6 points possible)

Take your best guesses in your post below.

The only Prize is the glory of seeing your name in the next GDT if you get it right.


Congratulations to the ONLY poster who correctly guessed Laferriere would get the 1st Kings goal vs the Hawks:

**Bill Hicks**

King of the Mountain with 49 points - forum gold

47 pts = Rusty

46 pts = Angel Eyes, hornman

44 pts = jammer06

42 pts = Cross Traffic

41 pts = notbob, VCRW

40 pts = beady eye, SirJW

39 pts = Nyssa42, VegasHockey

38 pts = Chateau Bow Wow, Guinevere

37 pts = KernCoKingsFan

36 pts = Liz4LA, mugs, Randdog

35 pts = pray4mojo

34 pts = puckoff, Rogie-Vachon, Shackleford

33 pts = DRGinLBC

32 pts = Bill Hicks, dannybuoy1, katydid213

31 pts = Byron, DRice, Dr Tran, Jerram

30 pts =

29 pts = empire

28 pts = sonnyboy11

26 pts = Kurisu, Rinkrat, Rog or Reg?, symbology

25 pts = TooCool

23 pts = Drums4Pigs

22 pts = JETS GARAGE, KHenry14

21 pts = clif, Madness20721

20 pts = JayWells24, waynet

19 pts =

17 pts = CIrvine

14 pts = hihocarp, Salty Puck

12 pts = Sevenhole

10 pts = fake_it_make_it

9 pts = cokingsfan

8 pts = HiFi, Ice24

7 pts = rfischer

6 pts = Busted Chops, Dexter, JC6388LAKings

4 pts = beedee

2 pts = Ragbone, Tiranga

1 pt = Hockey53, PuckMaster, STONE


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Thank you Nyssa!

Kings saves 22
Wild saves 31

We better not get Faber'd
Dang, their top D-pair are both former Kings prospects.

Kings 24 saves
Wild 29 saves
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