Manor Morning Musings: Turcotte Injury Status, Arvidsson LTIR, AHL Recall Options


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Wednesday night brings an important matchup for the Kings, as they’ll host a desperate Minnesota Wild team; with both clubs playing on the second night of back-to-back games.

Unfortunately, Wednesday morning offers few answers in terms of where the Kings go next with their roster. Forward Alex Turcotte appeared to be injured on this play during the third period on Tuesday:

Coach Jim Hiller did not have any update on Turcotte’s status during his postgame media availability and the team is not holding a morning skate today. So… little is known about his availability for the Wild game.

Should he not be ready to go, the Kings have several options available.

Option One

Arhtur Kaliyev could be inserted into the lineup and Hiller could continue rolling with his 11+7 configuration. The 22-year-old winger has played three games this month, most recently last Saturday in Dallas, also coming on the second night of a back-to-back set.

Option Two

Viktor Arvidsson could be activated off LTIR and re-join the Kings lineup. He was eligible to return a few days ago and there is a good chance he was going to play tonight regardless of what happened in Tuesday’s game. Arvidsson has skated with the team in practice this week, as well. Asked about his availability last night, Hiller again noted that the gifted Swede is “close” and could be a possibility for the Minnesota game.

Again, should Arvidsson be ready to play, the Kings don’t have to make another roster move to activate him, they have the necessary cap space to make it happen.

Additionally, slotting him into the lineup could allow Hiller to run with 11+7 again, or adding in Kaliyev too could see the Kings return a more normal mix of 12 forwards and six defensemen.

Option Three

There could be a recall from AHL Ontario. Where things get sticky is the Kings have used two of their four available recalls already (on Turcotte and Jacob Moverare). One of the two remaining is earmarked for Brandt Clarke. As for the other, there was still discussion going on if that would be used for Sammy Fagemo or Akil Thomas. Ideally, they would probably like to use an Emergency Recall if that was available. However, that may not be an option. There are rules in the CBA, then sub rules, followed by additional sub rules. While not confirmed, this may not qualify as an Emergency Recall situation. Again, though, the Kings do have a recall slot available that could be used for Fagemo or Thomas.

There’s just one additional challenge in all of this. The Reign have a game tonight, as well.

That said, the NHL team is always the priority. So, Reign coach Marco Sturm will have to deal with whatever hand he’s ultimately dealt.

In light of the Kings not holding a morning skate, Hiller will hold a pregame media session at 4:45 pm today. Answers may — or may not — be available then.


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