NHL Bracket Challenge

Thanks! It didn't even ask me for the password.....weird. but I'm in.
I'm in! Thanks for creating the bracket challenge. I'm "Are You Experienced"
Thanks Rusty! I'm "Danault's Third Eye"
Rogie-Vachon has entered and has gone total homer
I had to make two. One legit and one homer. I'll settle for either!

Me & BC Homer

And looking forward to the banter as the playoffs progress!
Rogie-Vachon has entered and has gone total homer

LAKingsSteve (Kings win in first round)
LAKingsSteve2 (Kings lose in first round)

I didn't go full homer as I really don't see them advancing beyond winning the first round.
Oh, what the hell...I made a homer bracket too...

...Quick is Quick (it was gonna be 'Quick is God' but it wouldn't allow me to use 'God')
What the...?

I added a 'homer' bracket just for kicks (Quick is Quick), and my original 'serious' bracket (Reg/Rog) vanished.


Oh well, if my homer bracket wins, I will be a happy camper! But my serious bracket was legit.
Well, so far I'm 100% on my picks through round one. So far me and "Angry Dan's Bracket of Fury" are tied for the top spot.
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