Oilers Have Axed Jay Woodcroft

He was an arrogant Douchenozzle and acted like he’d been in the league for 10 years. Deserved it after not being able to win with that team.

This is going to be a temp fix that doesn’t work. I highly doubt Coffey is going to help fix their problems. Probably going to further abandon playing defense. This is likely not going to get better anytime soon.

Be ready for them to suck some more, be a lottery team and they’ll probably win the draft lottery again. That will be just after Holland gets the axe and they bring Lowe in to temporarily run the team while they go through a GM search.
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I had not seen a coach get a game misconduct in years, but Woodcroft pulled that against the Nucks a week ago, I knew he was toast.

Ken Holland was the wrong choice to be the GM, no defense, no goaltending, and plenty of bad contracts.
This team is broken. No heart. Was thinking when they got ekholm that the d might finally get better. Been watching a lot of their games. Bouchard is a train wreck. Smoke and mirrors the past 2 yrs? Same core. On pace for lottery again....