One Hundred and Fifty Eight Years Ago



158 Years ago today, forces of the Union Army of the Potomac and Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, met on the fields and hills of Gettysburg, Pa.

It was a turning point for the Union and the Confederacy to decide whether this nation, and the rights and freedoms of all would be realized and end the sin of slavery and preserve the Union.

They spent three long days butchering each other with bayonets, powder, ball, and grape shot to decide this. At the end, it is estimated that there were as many casualties in that three days as their were in the ten years of the Viet Nam War.

Even after the three days of butchery, the democrat Confederacy would make the war last nearly another year.

Think about that as you celebrate our Nations declaration of freedom on July 4th. We've ALL been through a lot since then, and will go through a lot more if we can keep this Constitutional Republic. We don't always get it right at first, but eventually, we do and move towards a more perfect union.
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