Petition To Stop Disneyland From Removing ?The Haunted Mansion? Attraction!

This is a sad story, I thought they were going to announce this in early May but it seems that the new attraction "The Deadman Walk" is already in production and will use some of the Haunted Mansion's props but not the Ork mobile. The new mobiles will be in the shape of coffins. This is an end of an era.

Who didn't get to second base on this ride? Fun times!
And you know what's gonna happen too? I am going to stop drinking. :D
And if somebody really wants to start a Disney April Fool's joke say that the People Mover is coming back.

I'll be an April's Fool just to find comfort in that possibility.

I woke up just to post this. *goes back to sleep*

I already had two coworkers come up to me this morning asking if I can believe they're renaming Cinderella's castle for Elsa. at DISNEY

wow i sent my cousin the original link right now... he's losing his ****!

Q :
Lawrence : WHAT
Lawrence : y the **** would they remove that ride!!!
Lawrence : just update it!!!
Lawrence : well its not scary or surprising anymore, all they would need to do is shift the things around and its like a new ride
Lawrence : and they what are they gonna do for X-mas/halloween!!
Lawrence : they revamp that ride durning the season and make it "noghtmare before Chirstmas" themed
Lawrence : they redid star tours and its WAY better now
Lawrence : thats all they need to do to Haunted Mansion
Lawrence : I think thats one of there original attractions too
Lawrence : like why
Lawrence : doesnt make sense
Lawrence : thats a disneyland landmark
Q : maybe you should think about it harder...
Lawrence : i will!!
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