***Pittsburgh Penguins vs. LA Kings GDT 11/9/23 7:30pm on BSW


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May 10, 2012

Game Day Thread
Game #13/82

7:30pm Pacific on BSW
& ESPN+ (out of market)


Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Los Angeles Kings
Crypto.com Arena | Los Angeles, CA

Last Season's Meetings

02/11/23 -- Penguins 0, Kings 6
10/20/23 -- Kings 1, Penguins 6


**Game Time 7:30pm**


TV:**BSW** & ESPN+
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Jordan Spence & Todd McLellan 11/08/23 Post-Game Quotes:

Jordan Spence
On tonight’s victory and what he felt the Kings did well

I think we played really well. Obviously Vegas is a top team and I think we came out to play in the first period and the second period, we kind of capitalized on the situation. In the third period, I think we played really well on the defensive zone, kind of just got the win, so we’re really happy with our game tonight.
On his shooting mentality tonight and an impressive evening
I think the past 10 games, I wasn’t really shooting that much and sometimes I’ve just got to trust my shot and good things happen. So, good things happened today and I’m just going to keep moving on from there.
On what he feels is clicking with his power-play unit right now
I think we’re just keeping it simple. I don’t think we have to make fancy plays, we’ve just got to keep shooting the puck. Obviously Arty has a great shot and Q in front of the net, so I think for us, we’ve just got to keep it simple. Get shots on net and good things will happen, really.
On seven straight road wins and what he feels is clicking right now
I think we have a lot of great players on our team, but I think it’s just our chemistry and just our will to win every game. I think the first five games, we weren’t our best and obviously after that, I think we really dialed it in and focused on the defensive side of the game. I think that really is showing a lot the past seven games, especially on the road. I don’t think we have to change anything right now, we’ve just got to keep it going.

Todd McLellan
On his impressions from tonight’s victory

It was the game we thought it would be. I thought early, it was a boxing match, everybody was just taking jobs and waiting for something to give. Fortunate to score first and I think that’s always an advantage against this team and then after that, we checked fairly well. When we broke down, we had excellent goaltending and all of that adds up to chance at success on the way to win.
On Anze Kopitar reaching 400 goals as an LA King and the good feeling of seeing him get it
Yeah, it was. He’s meant so much to this team and to LA but also to the NHL. He’s done so many good things for the league and entertained for so many years. For him to get to 400, it’s not often talked about when you mention Anze Kopitar, goalscoring, but 400 is an incredible amount. We’re really proud of him and we’re lucky to have him.
On a confident Jordan Spence and his shooting mentality tonight
You probably answered the question, willing to use his shot. I thought earlier in the year, he was deferring and we talked about it. When he loads his shot, that’s when other things open up and he used it a couple times tonight, hit the post early in the game. I thought it was his best of the season.
On Spence and his power-play unit scoring in four consecutive games
Sometimes it’s simplicity. The goal wasn’t pretty, but it was manufactured by creating a shooting lane and taking it. We can set structure up and we can set movement and maybe a strike point, but if it’s not there, you’ve just got to rely on your instincts. I thought that’s what happened in that situation.
On another strong night in goal from Cam Talbot
I thought he was excellent, really good. He had to clean up some messes when we made mistakes. Calm, understands the momentum of a game, got us good whistles. Just a very stabilizing factor in the goal right now.


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**Tonight’s Poll Question**

In both of last season's meetings, the home team won with 6 goals.
Part 1 - How many goals will the WINNING team score tonight?
You can take 2 guesses for Part 1
Part 2 - What will be the GOAL DIFFERENTIAL tonight.
(goals by winning team minus goals by losing team = Goal Differential)
You can take 2 for guesses for part 2

Take your best guesses in your post below -
the only Prize is the glory of seeing your name in the next GDT if you get it right.


Congratulations to the following posters who correctly guessed within +/- 2 mins of 19:48 in the third period as the time Kopi would score his 400th goal:

18:48 3rd to 0:48 of OT ( 2 points)
forum gold

17:48 3rd to 1:48 of OT (1 point)

Kings of the Mountain with 8 points - Byron & SirJW
7 points = Dr Tran
6 points = Chateau Bow Wow, clif, notbob, Rusty, pray4mojo
5 points = Angel Eyes, DRGinLBC, forum gold, Liz4LA, Salty Puck
4 points = beady eye, CIrvine, Dexter, DRice, hornman, jammer06, JayWells24, Jerram, katydid213, Kuriso, Nyssa42, Randdog, Rinkrat, Sevenhole, Shackleford, TooCool, VegasHockey
3 points = Cross Traffic, dannybuoy1, empire, Guinevere, Madness20721, mugs, puckoff, VCRW


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Part 1:
7, 9

Part 2:

Shootout goal differential counts as 1

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