***Playoffs Rd 1 Gm 1 GDT LA Kings @ Edmonton Oilers 7:00pm on ESPN2 & BSSC***


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PLAYOFFS Game Day Thread
Round 1, Game 1 -- 4/22/24
7:00pm on ESPN2 & BSSC


Los Angeles Kings @ Edmonton Oilers
Rogers Place | Edmonton, AB

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**Game Time 7:00PM**

TV: ESPN2 & BSSC (Bally's SoCal)
Radio: LA Kings iHeartRadio
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Jim Hiller (video), Byfield, Arvidsson, & Kopitar 4/18 Post-Game Quotes:

Quinton Byfield
On what the team was playing for tonight, with the bigger picture looming

Yeah, I think we all had it in the back of our heads what could happen. This last game we’re trying to get ready for the playoffs, so every game matters. It’s the last one of the regular season and we wanted to win it and wherever we ended up, we ended up.
On getting his 20th goal of the season tonight
Yeah, it was good, I felt good again, which is really nice, but getting that goal is huge. They were looking for me all night, so credit to my teammates there, but getting that goal and that extra boost going into playoffs is going to be good for me.
On his process of getting to this point of being a 20-goal scorer
I think it’s big for me. I started off my first year and I had five goals. Last year, I had three, so it’s a big step up for me. It just shows that I can score at this level and hopefully the process keeps continuing, going the right way.
On the desire within the room to get past the Oilers in Round 1
Yeah, we definitely want to beat them now. I think we owe them, but they’re a really good team, they added a lot of really great pieces at the deadline. They’re going to be a tough out for sure, but they’re a team that we really want to beat.

Viktor Arvidsson
On the team’s readiness heading into the playoffs

I think we’re ready. We’ve been playing really good at home and winning games at home, I think that’s positive. Now it’s a big roadtrip, so we’ll be ready for it and ready to play Edmonton.
On his line combining on a nice goal and his thoughts on where they’re at, heading into playoffs
Yeah, obviously I’ve been gone for most of the year and we haven’t been playing with each other consistently. When Phil came back there, I think it’s been really good, we’ve been finding our game back, trying to generate plays off the forecheck, being in the [offensive zone]. It’s been good.
On the team’s effort to come away with a win in the third period and overtime
I just wanted to win the game. We got a little sloppy there for a few minutes, but we found our way back. It’s a good effort, good character to just settle down and get back to it.
On his freshness level, considering the time he’s missed this season
Yeah, for sure. I’ve been working all year to get to this point. I feel ready, I’m confident in my game and my body. It’s going to be good.

Anze Kopitar
On if a first-round matchup against Edmonton felt “inevitable”

Yeah, I guess so. I mean, you don’t think about it too much during the year but once it comes down to crunch time, the way that the picture has kind of shaken out, it looked like it was Edmonton.
On the thought process on the bench, with the larger picture versus tonight’s result
It’s hard not to think about the whole picture. I guess we knew what the score was [in Vegas] going out for the third period and all that stuff. We didn’t plan on going down by one goal, but I guess we got the job done in the end and we’re going back to Edmonton.
On a dicey third period but ultimately finding a way to get the victory
Yeah, like I said, it’s the ups and downs. Some lapses within the game, really, so it’s nice for us to comeback and just kind of go and grind away get the late one and then obviously score a quick one in OT.
On Quinton Byfield getting his 20th of the season and his play tonight
If he plays like he did tonight, he’s going to have a say in the series, for sure. He’s been good all season. Yes, he’s had some downtime the last few games, but he knows that and he knows what it takes. He’s been in a hard series last year, played a lot of minutes, seeing the top matchups, so he knows. I think this was a good indicator for him to see how he needs to play.


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Thanks to everyone who has played The Game this year!
I hope you had as much fun playing as I had creating it.


Congratulations to the many following posters who get 2 final points for correctly guessing Kempe for the final goal of the season
Unsurprisingly, nobody picked Talbot for the final penalty:

Rog or Reg?
beady eye
forum gold
Chateau Bow Wow
Dr. Tran


King of the Mountain with 75 points - Rusty

68 pts = hornman

64 pts = beady eye

63 pts = Angel Eyes

62 pts = forum gold

60 pts = VegasHockey

59 pts = SirJW

58 pts = mugs, notbob

57 pts = jammer06, puckoff

56 pts = Liz4LA, pray4mojo

55 pts = KernCoKingsFan

54 pts = Cross Traffic, Guinevere, VCRW

53 pts = dannybuoy1

52 pts = Nyssa42

50 pts = Chateau Bow Wow

49 pts = Randdog

48 pts = katydid213, Rogie-Vachon

47 pts = DRGinLBC, Dr Tran, empire, Rog or Reg?

46 pts = DRice

44 pts = Bill Hicks, Kurisu

43 pts = Byron

41 pts = Drum4Pigs

39 pts = sonnyboy11, symbology

37 pts = Shackleford

36 pts = Rinkrat

33 pts = JETS GARAGE

31 pts = JayWells24, Jerram

27 pts = TooCool

26 pts = Madness20721

22 pts = fake_it_make_it, KHenry14

21 pts = clif

20 pts = waynet

19 pts = Sevenhole

18 pts = Salty Puck

17 pts = CIrvine, HiFi

16 pts = hihocarp

14 pts = Hockey53, JC6388LAKings

9 pts = cokingsfan

8 pts = Ice24

7 pts = rfischer

6 pts = Busted Chops, Dexter

4 pts = beedee

2 pts = Ragbone, Tiranga

1 pt = CHARAzard, PuckMaster, STONE


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Go Kings…. Don’t suck. May one goalie play like Jon Quick 2012-2027 and may one player go full Justin Williams/Chris Kontos we just may have a shot.
Lots of story lines, star players, goaltending, 1-3-1, defense, penalty kill, etc... IMO, faceoffs will be huge this series.
Congrats Rusty!👏👏👏

Thanks Nyssa and Jammer! This was the first season I’ve done the poll questions. Definitely made the games even more fun to watch. I’ve had fun being back on LGK. Once I had Mini Guiny, life was busy raising her. I’ve popped in and out over the years. Mini Guiny will be 22 so I have a lot more time.

Onto the first game of the playoffs baby! Stay out of the f…n box! For that to happen Kings must limit the time in the D zone. Finish your checks!! Make this dirty team pay with hard clean checks. I hate the Oilers and their cocky fans. Please, please Kings show up with the intensity you have had all season!! You keep hearing about Dubois and being a playoff performer! It’s time to start making that huge contract PLD. I predict Byfield will come up big (no pun intended) this playoff season. He played last season and he’s much better this season. C’mon Kings, make Guiny proud! GO KINGS GO!!

PS…McJesus is going to come out hitting hard. He had 5 good hits last Kings/Oilers game. Kings need to lay nice clean checks on the holy one!!
If the Kings can get first half (of the season) Byfield, first half fourth line effectiveness, and solid and consistent play from PLD, they've got a real shot. Otherwise . . . . .
Thanks Nyssa!!!

Congrats Rusty! Winner of the LGK Pre-Play League AND King of the Mountain? Powerball next? ;)

Not expecting a good result tonight but hopefully I'll feel different once the puck drops.
17 points on the poll questions. Not bad considering the fact I started on December 16th.

The Kings will have to play a near perfect series to beat the Oilers, but anything is possible in the playoffs.



That's 47 points, not 17. Stupid fingers.
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Congrats Rusty!

Thanks Nyssa and Jammer!

I hate the oil. If the Kings play their game and contain McDoofus they can win these games. Shut them down. Don’t get back on your heels.
Thank You to everyone for the KOM congrats! Always fun and a big thank you to Nyssa and Jammer for the GTDs and Poll Questions!

Here's to hoping someone remembered to punch in PLDs cheat code. The boy needs some powerups!
Yeah we are gonna find out if PLD is the guy they brought him in to be or if he is the same dude we saw this season on the ice. I hope I’m wrong that I think he will be a dud.
Go Kings…. Don’t suck. May one goalie play like Jon Quick 2012-2027 and may one player go full Justin Williams/Chris Kontos we just may have a shot.
I actually think Laferriere has the possibility to go full JW. He's been saving it up the past 10 games or so, but he's got the fire.

And, Byfield is 100 times better than he was at this time last season - I was watching the "highlight reels" of last season's playoff games, and you can see QB doing his weird hunched-over skating thing and being tentative. So, we've got NEW & IMPROVED QB for this season. Hopefully Kopi has instilled some McDavid Hate into him.
Well, this is the big moment we've all been waiting for. Let's see if the Kings don't have a bad Jekyll & Hyde way of performing in the playoffs, especially against the Oilers now that they're facing them again in the 1st round for the third time in a row. Time to flip the script, LA, and start playing your most serious A-game.

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