***Playoffs Rd 1, GM 3 GDT - Oilers vs. Kings 4/21/23 on >>BSSC<< & TNT***


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May 10, 2012
***Playoffs Rd 1, GM 3 GDT - Oilers vs. Kings 4/21/23 on >>BSSC<< & TNT***



PLAYOFFS Game Day Thread
Round 1, Game 3




Edmonton Oilers vs. Los Angeles Kings

| Los Angeles, CA

Fan Fest Starts at 4:00pm at LA Live

Enjoy the beer garden, ball hockey, photo opportunities, face painting, vendor village and so much more before heading into Crypto.com Arena to cheer on your Kings!



Previous Meeting

04/19/23 — Kings 2, Oilers 4
04/17/23 — Kings 4, Oilers 3 (OT)


**Game Time 7:00pm**



Radio: LA Kings iHeartRadio app

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Phillip Danault (video), Gabriel Vilardi & Todd McLellan 4/19 Post Game Quotes

Watch Phillip Danault’s Post Game Interview Here

Gabriel Vilardi on his assessment of the 60 minutes tonight
I think it was pretty obvious, first period we can’t come out like that. It’s tough to climb back when you’re down 2-0. We fought back, but we werent able to come through.
Vilardi on the team not putting together 60 minutes yet in the playoffs
We’re 1-1 and we haven’t put together 60 minutes yet. I mean, I can’t speak on the first game obviously, but tonight, the first period was terrible, there’s no excuses for that. Like I said, we’re 1-1 now and we’re heading home.
Vilardi on his play in his first game back from injury
I think just the first period for me, I haven’t played in a month, you come back and it’s 100 miles an hour, playing in this arena too, they’re fast. For me personally, the first period was really tough, just everything’s happening really fast, but I think I settled in well as the game went on.
Vilardi on getting his first career goal in the Stanley Cup Playoffs
Yeah, that felt good. I mean, obviously, it’s bittersweet, it doesn’t feel as good, but it is nice to get one. Now it’s on to Friday.

Todd McLellan on the start to the game tonight that saw Edmonton surge out to a 2-0 lead
Couple of things. One, they weren’t happy with the way the game ended, so they were going to take it up a notch. Two, we didn’t handle it real well. So, the difference between them going up and us falling off a little bit is the answer to your question.
McLellan on if he felt coming back from 2-0 down in Game 1 gave the group confidence in doing so again tonight
That’s the positive you can take from it, but it’s a poor recipe for taking a swing at this team, is falling behind. When you’re ahead, you have a much better chance of checking and not taking as much risk as you have to to comeback. Obviously the start, as we talked about in the first question, wasn’t where it needed to be. Again, a resilient group worked its way back in. The frustrating thing for me is that there were some things that we needed to do early in the game and we didn’t decide to do them until the second and third periods. It was very similar to Game 1. [Reporter: What were those things that need to be fixed]. They know those things, so we’re going to have to fix them.
McLellan on the differences in getting a split in Edmonton this year versus last year
6-0 last year. Big difference. It’s still a split. Both teams are better than they were last year and both teams have more experience. Last year, we were quite excited about winning the first one, took it on the chin in the second. This year, the game tonight didn’t feel like it was as even as it turned out to be, obviously in the first period, but last year’s that wasn’t the case, that’s the difference.
McLellan on Gabe Vilardi’s performance in his first game back from injury
I thought Gabe was a little bit like our team, he hadn’t played in nine or 10 games. He came out in a very fast-moving first period and had to get his legs and his timing underneath him. As the game wore on, similar to the team, he got better with the team.
McLellan on if he felt Danault’s line helped to drag the team back into the game
We had a good group of players that had energy, it was the ones that didn’t that really lacked it and brought the team down in my opinion. Phil’s line had it. It wasn’t perfect by any means, they got hemmed in at different times, but the commitment for them to continue on and push through was much greater than some others on our team.


Subject To Change







Oilers Probable Lineup
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Former King

Jack Campbell






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Thanks Not Melf for the GDT!!!!

I would like my guys Grundstrom or Byfield to score a goal tonight :)
I recommend a team wide inhalation of smelling salts before the first puck drop. Or maybe they each shotgun a Red Bull before the introductions on the ice?

The crowd should bring enough juice tonight that smelling salts won’t matter.

Thank you, Susan et al!

Please start playing tonight when the puck drops at the beginning of the first period, not the second period.

See You There! I'll be in the 305 nosebleeds!


Thank you Nyssa!

Not sure we can gwt TNT in the car but we will have Nick and Daryl at least

Heres to the crowd getting the boys going
Thank you Nyssa!

Not sure we can gwt TNT in the car but we will have Nick and Daryl at least

Heres to the crowd getting the boys going

I remember in like, 2010, I had a cell phone hooked up to data, than I plugged that into the laptop with a usb cord and tethered it, then plugged the laptop into the car speakers with 3.5mm jack, and we had a game on the laptop and the sound thru the car, and I was like damn this is cool, lol. Now you can just you know, hotspot wifi and all that lame crap. I'll add I was a passenger, not driving, from LA to my first base in Idaho.

Anyways, GKG!
Alright Kings... maybe play better in the 1st and not just try to save it for the 3rd?

Score first. Shoot some damn shots. Finish your checks. Contain McJesus. Win. So easy, even I can coach.
Go Kings Go!!!!! The family and I will be cheering our hearts out tonight from Oregon. Go Kings!!!
Go Kings Go!!!

Thanks Susan!!!!

I'll be losing my voice at the game tonight!!!!!!
Lineups Updated. Kane to the top line. Time for QB to become a man and lay some heavy hits.

I'm so excited to go to this game!! Don't let me down, boys!!

Was hoping for positive news on Fiala. Gonna be a tough road without his 72 points. Oil were paying more attention to juice. Seemed like the Kings were playing not to lose. Got to take it to them. Five game series, win the first one, oil have to win 3 of 4.
Got some good pre-game juju from Daryl's suit!
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