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PLAYOFFS Game Day Thread
Round 1, Game 4 -- 4/28/24
7:30pm on BSW &




Edmonton Oilers vs Los Angeles Kings Arena | Los Angeles, CA




**Game Time 7:30PM**


Radio: LA Kings iHeartRadio
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Matt Roy (video), Kevin Fiala, & Jim Hiller 4/26 Post-Game Quotes:

Kevin Fiala
On how the team will try and move past a game like this

Learn, forget, both. I mean it’s one game. Obviously we wanted this one, they wanted it, so you just have to take a look at it as it’s one game. Now, we just have to come back next game and make it 2-2.
On what he felt was missing tonight at the start of the game
From the beginning, it feels like we were not there. I think they were more hungry, they had more chances, so we just have to be ready next game.
On the team’s approach to getting it right for Game 4
We got better, obviously, in the second period. We got that goal, but they got it right back too, that killed us a little bit. Right now, it’s 2-1. We have to think positive, obviously we have to look at some things we have to get better and we will, so we have to get the second game [at home].
On Edmonton giving the Kings issues throughout the neutral zone
Yeah, they’re stepping up everything. Every long pass, the D are stepping up, there’s no plays to be made I feel like. We just chip it kind of, but they retrieve it. We have to figure it out. I think we’re going to for sure look at it tomorrow and just be more connected overall.
On trying to contain Edmonton’s top offensive players, as a group
They’re not impossible to stop. We stopped them last game. Obviously they’re very good players, but we have to do a better job.

Jim Hiller
On if he has any issues with the way the third period went

The third, I’m not concerned at all. I saw some emotion, you could say. Did we channel it the right way, I don’t know. I saw some players that were pissed off with the result, with where we were at in the game and didn’t want to go away quietly. I had no issue with that part. First part of the game, we’ve got some issues there. They were above us, we didn’t get it deep, they came back the other way. It’s a pretty simple formula.
On a blueprint to bouncing back from the way Game 2 went
It’s the same thing. People were talking after the last game, but I said what I know for sure is it’s one game to one. So, no different tonight. What I know for sure is it’s two for them, one for us, and you need to win four in the series. We’ll have a similar approach. We’ll get back and we’ll have to play better than we did today, just like Game 2.
On his assessment of the team’s game tonight
It’s a team game and we just didn’t play well enough in the first period. Actually, we came around in the second period a little bit until they scored the fourth goal, that was one that really sunk us I would say at that point because we did have some momentum coming back. We go as a team. We weren’t good enough in the first period, that was a collective for all of us, coaches included. We have to be better in the next game.
On a stronger beginning to the second period and why that was missing to start the game
I don’t want to talk about lessons learned, but we just have to understand, what did we do in the second period that we didn’t do to start the game? What we did was what we did in the second game in Edmonton, we forechecked, and we didn’t do that enough tonight. I think it’s pretty clear, the recipe.
On the team’s approach to trying to slow down Edmonton’s top offensive players
They’re good players, they’ve done it for a long time. You’ve got to find a way and I thought we did a pretty good job in Game 2. So, we’ll just have to make sure we do that same job in Game 4.


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Thanks to everyone who has played The Game this year!
I hope you had as much fun playing as I had creating it.


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Thank you, Nyssa! I believe QB was also a +5 before the last game. How did he escape that without a - ?!? lol

To all the people wanting Rittich to play, I personally think he would win 1 out of 3 against the Oil, just like Talbot has. But I think tonight is that game he would win, showing a different style and an active stick on the penalty kill. Play Rittich! Then play Talbot again. hehe

This team has been Jekyll Hyde all season. Why would we think they wouldn’t be in the playoffs? I want to see more of the Kings team in game 2 and never want to see the Kings team from games 1 and 3 ever again! C’mon boys, prove all the hockey world wrong and beat this f…n team. I’m so sick of hearing about them. GO KINGS GO!! We are the underdogs!! Nothing to lose and whole hell of a lot to gain. GO KINGS GO!!
In 16 playoff games against the Oilers the past three years, the Kings have won 2 games in regulation. The only reason these series were not shorter was because the Kings have done well in OT (4-1). Granted, an OT win counts the same, and there’s a lot to be said for the Kings finding ways to win those games. But, that well will run dry eventually, and when it does, the Kings are burnt toast, unless they play at a level to win in regulation.
Even if we lose with Rittich, all I want is for him to get a chance--the luxury Copley never got and deserved. Change is good.
There is a bit too much attention to the goalie decision. We knew that was a potential huge issue from the outset.
Talbot played better at times than I anticipated. But he did struggle when the team slumped. He did play pretty well after the slump but fell off a bit in the weeks before the season ended.
Rittich played well for the most part, better than we could have expected.

But, neither goalie is good enough to win a game when the defense doesn’t play well. And the defense has been abysmal in this series.

I think Talbot is leaving a lot of pucks in the crease and the Oilers are more aggressive, another team issue. But Rittich is not great at controlling shots and rebounds either.

Tonight is obvs a must-win. I think I’d go with Rittich, but I honestly don’t know how much it matters. Unless the defense shows up we are looking at six or seven Edmonton goals.
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Thanks for the GDT, Nyssa!
Will be in the Crypt tonight with my wife.
Encouraged Big Save Dave will be in net.
Go Kings, Go!
Right. So what’s his excuse for the Power Play?

Well, at the presser when Blake announced Todd was fired, he was asked if this meant a change to the way the Kings were playing. He flat out said "No". This was before Hiller even spoke to the media. We may have expected an answer of "we will discuss that with the coaches, blah, blah", but he did not say that. He answer with a quick "No".

As for the PP, good question. Being the head coach he probably is no longer running it? At least not like before. He is also not on the ice to shoot the puck, or pass the puck. The PP at home was doing really well for a while. I think this team thinks to much with the puck. It is far different to the way say Dallas, Buffalo and others play. They move the puck quickly. The D move the puck up the ice quickly. Kings players get the puck, and delay, hoping the other team is going to get out of their way so they can make a pass. Coaches can tell the players to move the puck quickly, shoot the puck, drive the net etc..... It is on the players to execute.

It is very concerning though that the Kings PP has gone so flat. Edmonton pressures the puck and the Kings are just to slow to do anything about it.

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