***PLAYOFFS Round 1 Game 2 GDT 5/4/22 7:00pm on BSSC and ESPN2***


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May 10, 2012


PLAYOFFS Game Day Thread
Playoffs Round 1, Game #2 -- 5/2/22




Los Angeles Kings @ Edmonton Oilers

Rogers Place | Edmonton, AB


Regular Season Meetings

04/07/22 - Oilers 3, Kings 2
03/30/22 - Kings 3, Oilers 4 (OT)
02/15/22 - Oilers 5, Kings 2
12/05/21 - Kings 5, Oilers 1

Regular Season Stats


**Game Time 7:00pm**


These start times are for the pregame


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Phillip Danault, Trevor Moore, & Todd MacLellan 5/2/22 Post Game Quotes

Link to Phillip Danault Post-Game Video


Trevor Moore
On how the group handled the momentum swings in the Game 1 win

Yeah, I thought we did a good job, how we have all year, leaning on our leadership. We know those guys are going to have pushes, they have two of the best players in the world, it?s going to be that way and they?re going to have their moments but I thought Quickie made huge saves when we needed them. We did a good job.
On what was said in the room between the second and third periods
Like I said, I think the leaders who have been here before, and Todd, came in and said hey, if we told you 3-3 coming into today, in a tough road building, we would have taken that. I think that we were calm and did what we needed to do to execute.
On the butterflies playing his first playoff game in a few years

Nervous energy, you?re more excited than anything, but you?re just anxious to get out there. You just want to get it started and get that first shift under your belt. That?s the way you do it for sure.
On playing against Edmonton?s top players more often than not
It?s an exciting opportunity. It?s going to be tough, like I said, those guys are amazing hockey players. Just being able to be called on for that job, it?s a big task, but it?s definitely an honor.
On handling the outside noise painting the Kings as an underdog in this series
We don?t care, we just kind of focus on what we?re doing and we believe in our group. We believe in our leadership, our coaching and everything that we do.

Todd McLellan
On his favorite things from the Game 1 victory

I thought we did the things that we needed to do, for the most part. We?ve used the word identity a lot during the year and we played to that again. It?s what gives us a chance. We checked fairly well, made some mistakes, went to the penalty box a little bit too much for anybody?s liking, especially against that type of power play, but for the most part we were able to check. We got excellent goaltending, as we expected, and we?re opportunistic. If anybody?s been watching us for the last 3-4 months, as some of you have, that?s how we play. We played in our skin, we played to our identity and we were just a carbon copy of how we?ve done it.
On seeing players step into new roles tonight and produce
I?ve been with teams where the injury thing at this time of the year would really throw you for a loop. You lose Viktor Arvidsson, we?re not loaded with 20-goal scorers and he?s a critical offensive and defensive piece to our team, a big part of that line. We?ve been through this so much this season, I really thought it was just another day at the office for us. Somebody falls out of the lineup and somebody steps in and we try to get it done. I think that the resiliency has come through that from Game 5 when we lost Drew to Game 6 when we lost Walks. We haven?t played with our whole lineup all season and we?ve been able to find ways.
On getting the matchups against McDavid and Draisaitl
It?s tougher, but let?s face it, for 75 percent of the game 29 or 97 and 24 or 11 are on the ice. The other 25 percent is unpredictable for both Jay and myself. It will be that way in LA and it will be that way in Edmonton, that?s why it?s such a great game, you don?t get to have everything you want. Others have to find a way to get the job done, both offensively and defensively, on our team and I can imagine Jay is probably saying the same thing. I can?t speak for him, but that?s just the way the game goes. You?re never going to get everything you want, but we have trained the players to deal with those situations and they should be able to handle them.
On Danault not needing to sacrifice offense tonight for defense
In my opinion, my mind, offense is a big part of his defending now. It?s not just jump on the ice and sit back, when you?re attacking the other team?s goaltender, it?s the best defense you can have. It?s honorable for him to say that, but we want him to keep pushing offensively, because that does help the defensive game.
On the group of players who played their first playoff game tonight
What?s that saying about the duck, he looks calm above the water, but underneath the legs are just flapping away. I?m sure there was some of that, but our guys did a good job of starting well. The veterans, the first two lines out that went out to start the game set the tone and settled everybody down. Now, the kids come out, they start to play on the third and fourth lines, they felt a little more comfortable. Leadership was real important, opportunity to play in these games is exactly what we wanted. We?ve talked about this ad nauseum already, about gaining experience as we go for that up and coming group. They?re getting it. Maybe they don?t get 15 minutes a night, but they?re involved in everything that happens on the bench, on the ice, in the game. That?s valuable.



Subject To Change




Kings Injuries

Drew Doughty (IR)
Sean Walker (LTIR)



Oilers Probable Lineup
courtesy of dailyfaceoff.com





NO Former Kings









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May the Force be with the Kings!


And Happy Pre-Cinco De Mayo!


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Thank you, Susan et al!

If the Kings are fortunate enough to win tonight, it will be a fun weekend when our tour rolls into the Saddledome on Saturday and Rogers Place on Sunday. Wish I had packed a Kings jersey for this Canada run.

Let's use the current uptick in crime in Los Angeles to our advantage, and STEAL GAME TWO!

Thank you Nyssa!

Has anyone heard anything further on Arviddson?
Thanks, Nyssa!!!

I concur with jammer's question. Does anyone know anything about Arvi?

Go Kings Go!!!!
Thanks, Nyssa!!!

I concur with jammer's question. Does anyone know anything about Arvi?

Go Kings Go!!!!

It appears to be the usual tight-lip policy for the postseason.
So is Arvy a "personal issue" or injury? Because I've heard both. Hoven says it is more likely that Arvy is back for Game 3 rather than Game 2, which sounds more like an injury, especially since he was apparently on the trip with the team.
Nickson specifically said injury. The "personal issues" thing was a tweet that seemed to gain some traction but I don't put much stock in that. Of course, an injury is a personal issue from a certain point of view on this May The Fourth.... I'll see myself out.
So I'm trying to keep the star wars theme but all my "ideas" are just coming across as dad jokes. And my pops was "A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" guy, so...homage adjacent.

Tonight I'll be watching the squad while (han) Solo drinking (Alec) Guinness and using my Jedi mind tricks to keep the oilers shooting like stormtroopers.

[Jabba laughing image]
This game will be rough, tight and a good test for our kids.



Not related to this game at all, but this old gem is the best hockey/Star Wars gif of all time.


Happy Cinco De Cuatro, y'all.

So I'm trying to keep the star wars theme but all my "ideas" are just coming across as dad jokes. And my pops was "A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" guy, so...homage adjacent.

Tonight I'll be watching the squad while (han) Solo drinking (Alec) Guinness and using my Jedi mind tricks to keep the oilers shooting like stormtroopers.

[Jabba laughing image]
LA Kings Select Francesco Pinelli No. 42 – What You Need to Know...

Maaaaaybe he'll be the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
Kings better be ready at puck drop, because you know the Oilers are going to come out absolutely flying, desperate to avoid a 2-0 series hole.
Arrested development gifs and deep dive nerd sci fi references? Monsters the lot of you, this thread is getting "playoff beard" weird. Love it.

Bummed about Vik but the rumor (I am starting now) is that Moore will be wearing a team Sweden t-shirt under his gear as tribute.
Thanks Not Melf for the GDT!!!!
I just whipped these up, feel free to distribute accordingly. :)



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