Reign on KCAL 9!


Ixnay Uxday
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Arf Arf
Aug 17, 1999
Well, props to the KCAL 9 crew for airing the Reign on live TV, 'cause it's quite rare for a minor league hockey team to have their games broadcast on live TV; especially an AHL team. The Reign are lucky to be blessed with temporary TV broadcasting rights 'cause hockey isn't big in a state like California. Seems the Reign are drawing some attention in the LA area now.
Pretty shoddy broadcast quality. They must have just been piping in the AHL tv streaming feed.

As for the game itself, the Reign don’t seem to have any NHL worthy talent on their roster at the moment, save for maybe Alex Turcotte. Two players I had high hopes for, Pinelli and Chromiak, were fairly invisible throughout the game. Neither Helenius nor Lee play a game commensurate to their hulking size. Minus Brandt Clarke, the entire defense looks average at best(Moverare was out due to injury). The best players on the roster seem to be veteran AHL/NHL tweener types like Tynan and Hudon. Does not bode well for the prospect pipeline, but I suppose the actual Kings roster doesn’t appear to have any openings for the foreseeable future anyways.
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