Roller tips?


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My son has been playing ice, however this off season he wants to join a roller league. I have no experience with roller at all, so asking here, what will he need that is different from ice? Obviously skates, he currently is wearing Bauer Vapor X60s (4EE, so kind of wide), is there a reasonable analog for inline hockey? He has a crummy stick I imagine he can use. I imagine he will need a girdle and pants, would he need lighter weight shins? Anything else I'm missing, maybe gloves that he won't mind grinding up? Thanks!
Noho just started their kids league. You should be able to find vapors in roller. You can go girdle and rollerpants or stay with the ice pants and socks
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I now exclusively play roller in West Covina. The game play is a bit different as some places don't do offsides and only have 4 skaters per shift. As birdman said, learning how to stop and using the correct wheels for the surface are important. The cool thing about roller is that it's much cheaper than ice, and it's still hockey.
I personally use the same sticks, shin guards, elbow pads, gloves, and helmet for roller and ice. Since I don't play in any checking leagues for either, so I use my roller girdle and no chest protector.
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