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Vegas leads the Canucks 2-0 after 1. Looks like the Kings will not get any help holding off the teams chasing them.
Vegas wins in OT and the Oilers are destroying the Ducks.
Of course the Sharks give up a short handed goal to the Oilers while leading 1-0 late in the 3rd. How big is that game going to be on Thursday. Oilers win in OT are now in second place.
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haha ever since i started watching the oil and knights scores .. they have both rattled off 5 game winning streaks .. haha sorry guys my bad
The Kings got plenty of help earlier, when both Vegas and the Oilers had losing streaks. Now, things are balancing out. Bottom line, the Kings don't need any help to make the playoffs. They have 86 points. 12 more points (winning 6 out of 10) gives them 98, which almost certainly gets them in. The record number of points for a non-playoff team is 96. What the Kings could use (obviously!) is a return to health for more playoffs, like Roy, Lemieux, Lizotte, etc.
Just win and you're in. I have personally jinxed the Kings by watching these other games. I need to put down the remote or get rid of ESPN Plus.
The out of town scoreboard is not kind to the Kings. Well I spoke too soon as the Canucks score two in 17 seconds
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The out of town scoreboard is not kind to the Kings. Well I spoke too soon as the Canucks score two in 17 seconds

I almost thought about betting Vancouver tonigjt since I'm in vegas
I already told you Peeps, stop counting on the Ducks or Sharks for any help this season.

Gonna hafta do it ourselves!


Incredible save, these mistakes the Kings make are large. Lemieux sees that he doesn’t get it deep and then quickly leaves the ice. Pressure the player you passed it to so they can’t make a quick pass. Then leave the ice.
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Of course Vancouver and Vegas go into OT. Vancouver is the team that I believe is the hottest with 8 to play. Could it come down to the last game of the season?
Well, the Canucks have been more helpful than other teams. Still boo on them. :p
If the Canucks catch the Kings, the Kings will only have them selves to blame.
That Vegas vs Edmonton series will be a good one, unless the Canucks get in. Vegas is destroying Calgary, Markstrom pulled Edmonton is destroying Nashville.
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