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Jul 28, 2004

Puckdoku, the popular daily hockey game, has tapped Mayor’s Manor founder John Hoven to be their guest Puzzlemaster for Wed. March 6. Fans from around the world flock to the online game to test their hockey knowledge with a series of nine questions. Any player from NHL history can be used to fill the board. However, Hoven’s puzzle will have a decidedly LA Kings slant to it. Over the past few weeks, he’s worked behind the scenes with Puckdoku programmers to put together what they feel will be an exciting and challenging game.

You have nine shots to complete the game without a miss. Can you do it?

Click HERE to play

For those unfamiliar with Puckdoku, here’s How to Play:

Choose a player in the designated cell, ensuring they match the specified row and column criteria

The selected player must have played at least one regular or postseason season NHL game for the team to be counted

If a cell represents both an award/stat and a team, the player’s achievement or statistic must have been recorded while they were a member of that team during the respective season

In cells where two statistical categories are combined, it is not necessary for those statistics to have been achieved in the same season

Relocated teams count as a single franchise. For instance, the players and stats for the 1990s Winnipeg Jets are considered part of the Arizona Coyotes. This means that players like Kovalchuk count for present day Winnipeg Jets

Special retro teams, such as the Hartford Whalers, form a unique category in which all team relocations are disregarded. For example, players who played for the Nordiques will not be counted as part of the Avalanche

One last reminder that the Winnipeg Jets of the 1990s and before do not count for the present-day Jets

Each player can only be selected once, and once a choice is made, it cannot be changed

Each selection counts as a shot, regardless of whether it is correct

If a player was traded mid-season for a statistical or team category, the statistics for that season are not combined
Uniqueness is determined by calculating the sum of the percentages for each player chosen, plus 100 for each empty cell. A lower score indicates that the selected players are rarer choices

A streak is earned by successfully completing the game on the day it is released. To achieve a streak, all 9 selections must be correct. However, a perfect 9/9 is not required to earn a streak; for example, going 9/12 is still considered a streak, but not 8/9
The “World Juniors” category pertains specifically to the U20 top division

Player connection categories, such as “Played w/ Sidney Crosby”, count when a player has appeared in an NHL game alongside the listed player. If the other category is a team, it is not necessary for the player to have played with the listed player while on that specific team.

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