Stanley cup 2024


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Jun 22, 2006
I am going to Vegas tomorrow and I want to place some SC bets.
I know, as of now, the East teams still need to fall into place and
the "Jockeying" of positions for both the East and West.

Of course I will drop $20 on the kings to win it all.

But there are the usual suspects are really that good?
I'd be looking at NYR vs VGK in the much as I'd dislike that.
$20 dollars on anyone who doesn't win the President's Trophy. :mhihi: ;)
My prediction for the first round....
- FLA wins in 6
- Yikes, I think BOS in 7
- NYR in 5
- NYI in 7

I will edit after tomorrow for the west
Florida in 5
Boston in 6
Rags in 6
Canes in 7 (This is coin flip to me)

Dallas in 6
Colorado in 5
Nashville in 7
Kings in 6
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