Stecher to Phx Athanasiou to Chi Maata to Det



Stecher got 1.2.

Athanasiou got 3.

Maata got 2.3.
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Also - just read on TSN that we re-upped Lemieux to a one-year extension worth $1,350,000. I like this deal. Cheap grit for our team, and he can put the biscuit in the basket on occasion to boot.
Wtf is Chicago doing?


[I'm on a arressted development gif kick only because i really, really want to post the one about "light treason" but good things come to those who wait. ]
tanking for bedard.

This is the question I was going to ask about Chicago. Is there a generational draft prospect coming up like a Crosby or McDavid? Is Bedard worth the misery they are about to inflict on that fanbase?
On that note, it appears the Kings gave Tynan a one way contract.. am I seeing that correctly? Or at the very least, a contract that pays him big money even if he plays in the AHL. Not sure if this is an ‘insurance policy’ to discourage other teams from snatching him on waivers when they send him down to Ontario? Perhaps they value his ability and skill infusion he brings at the AHL level for the kids to see what a -dominant- skill player looks like, at least at the minor pro level.
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