STEVE MARTIN a document in two pieces (Apple Plus)


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Aug 17, 1999
Amazing documentary journaling the span of Steve Martin's career from small clubs to being the first comedian to do full-blown concerts. He shows a lot of the demons that were behind the scenes and the hard work and analysis that goes into perfecting an act based on stupidity. At a certain point, he called it quits and never did another comedy gig (until his recent pairing with Martin Short). The doc ends at the height of his comedy career then part 2 is his rebirth as an actor and director.

I was lucky enough to see him opening for Linda Ronstandt at the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach, so it was great to get insight, and also rehear some of those seminal routines. The show I saw in those early years (he was still writing for the Smothers Brothers) was pretty much the same show that he continued with for the duration of his comedy stint. Banjo, balloon animals, arrow through the head etc etc.

Anyways.... worth watching!
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