TSN has posted that the Kings are one of three teams interested in trading for Talbot. He is 35, He has had a so/so year so far. But when he is on his game is pretty good.
Talbot is a nice goalie, but is not better than anything we have. I realize it was just 1 game, but Quick looked solid last night. Perhaps he can regain his game. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets another start on this road trip.

Go Kings!!
Rumor also has it that the Penguins are looking to trade Jarry who would be a solid option if we can afford to resign him at the end of the year. As for Talbot, I would say hard pass.
Let's pick up every middle age goalie and have like one of those Adam Sandler brain**** movies about nothing with all the old dad dudes - but now, they're goalies!


sorry i just woke up. I think pass.
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