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LA Galaxy Split Business Operations from Soccer Operations – Tom Braun to lead Business Ops - Vanney to lead Soccer Operations.

Everyone answers to Danny B.

There appears to be no overall "President" other than Danny B. is the top of the Galaxy power Pyramid.
So when/if Vanney gets fired you not only lose your manager, but also the head of soccer operations, and head of the academy?!?!?!?

....and a new coach hire would be hired for all of the above?!?!? For ONE guy?!??!?

.........AND the guy at the top of the pyramid....good old Danny B (B for bean counter) has shown little to no desire for soccer operations and/or winning in any way shape or form. He is a FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR cry from Tim Lieweke.

All the eggs are in the Vanney basket for years to come unless he takes a nosedive out the gate next year.
......and if he does the club is screwed.

I'll start it here:

Danny B out
AEG out
LA Galaxy Split Business Operations from Soccer Operations – Tom Braun to lead Business Ops - Vanney to lead Soccer Operations.

Everyone answers to Danny B.

There appears to be no overall "President" other than Danny B. is the top of the Galaxy power Pyramid.

What ever happened to that Will Kuntz guy?
Just go sign Griezmann for next year and let's get on with it...
According to Alex Ruiz:

According to @fer_esquivel22, the LA Galaxy will receive 2.25 million for homegrown Efrain Álvarez.He will sign for Xolos until 2026. Galaxy will retain future sell on percentage for the young midfielder.Medical test set to happen in the coming days.

$2.5 mill. sell PLUS future sell percentage?!?!?
OK!!!!!! Maybe the FO can actually do something good from time to time.
Keep doing stuff like this!!!!!
Well at least we had fun at the game, which was 75 minutes of my son screaming "why does Puig keep trying to dribble into 4 guys??". The galaxy had a few clear chances that should've been buried, before and after St. Louis' red card.

Bond, I don't know man that second goal I thought could've been stopped. But it was off a horrible giveaway where the crowd immediately sunk once the break started.

Sharp should probably start in place of Dejan if he's fit?

Costa was one of the only creative bright spots (I can't believe I just said that). I'm assuming he was taken off because he couldn't go a full 90 this close to coming back from injury?

Aguirre sub in the 96th? You're already pressed and that just wasted precious time.

Best part of the night though was a couple St. Louis fans giving us these that they didn't want:

The upside: At least they came back and got a draw at home.

Downside: Needed 3 points. Should have gotten 3 with St. Louis down a man.

Counters against our defense are deadly.

- Costa is creative, can't go 90 minutes.
- Puig still trying to do too much.
- Teammates have got to look for other passing/play options rather than Puig first for every play.
Yea, he's that good, but he not always the best option. Play wide to the wings from time to time.
- Aude needs to bulk up, the kid gets blown over by the wind.
- Thank the soccer gods for Yoshida.
- With three strikers available, I would have started Judd. Dejan lost his mojo.
- Aguirre was a horrible sub, at a horrible time to sub. Bonehead move by Vanney.
- Fagundez....meh....I dunno. Wanted so much more from him. Is this his ceiling?
- Where was Barrios?
- Why didn't Delgado start?

I don't see the G's getting a win against the goats next weekend....even if the goats form of late is really bad.
curse you and your legitimate questions

somehow the goats/LAG games tend to always be a bit nutty. Now is the time to strike. I have no confidence.
LAFC would like to thank Mavinga for all those gifts he gave to them during El Trafico.

This roster has a lot of trash that needs to go after this season.

Fagundez is seriously underwhelming.
Barrios is close behind.

Sharp will be a good place holder till the end of this season.

Yoshida is quality. Want him back next year.

1.5 out of 4 for the summer transfer window.

(Yeah I know we got some guy named Tony, but for some reason Mavinga and Nephew get the starts over him….go figure)

Sidebar…… trashy chivas fans trash their own stadium throwing those color cardboard things onto their own field during the game.

Some things never change.

G’s are nearing “stick a fork in em” status for the season.

Could it be that this roster will get yet ANOTHER offseason rebuild under Vanney?!?!?
Could it be that this roster will get yet ANOTHER offseason rebuild under Vanney?!?!?
Yes! I don't mind even if they bring Sharp back, at least he can put the ball in. But he needs service and is not a long term answer.

I only saw highlights because well, apple tv. but yeah sucks.
So much for the Jalen comeback.....

Jalen Neal underwent successful sports hernia surgery.
This young kid Sharp is pretty good, eh?

I watched the first half, and swore I would not watch the 2nd half....then I went back and started watching from about the 54th minute on.....earlier this season this team would have packed it in and went home after the first half.

The G's stay alive a bit longer, only to keep our hopes alive to crush them brutally in just a few games from now.


- Could you imagine this team with a legit #10 added to Puig in the midfield?!?!?!?

- Imagine how this team would have performed earlier this year with a legit striker?!?!?!

- Imagine how this team would have performed all year with a backline that wasn't in constant rotation due to injuries?!?!?

- Imagine how this team would have performed with a "consistent" goalkeeper?!?!?!
Billy Sharp dooo dooo dooo dooo dooo dooo Billy Sharp

If this keeps up, they make the playoffs or he comes back next year, I may have to very well buy a shirt.
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Stay up to watch the late show from the G's go down 2-1 at the half only to concede another goal early into the second half. Proceed to turn of the TV and go to bed.

Wake up to see the G's tied it in stoppage time.
Hurray for the tie on the road, but we really need the 3 points.

This team seems to sleep walk in the early part of games.
If only they can be fired up from the beginning.

Johnny Perez....that kid should be subbed waaaaaaaay more often.
This is yet another Vanney mind-numbing move. This kid should be playing more.
He is quick, he is fire, he is intensity.

Puig is gonna be burned it, if not already. Vanney running him into the ground.
...then again we have no options.

Where is Costa!?!?!?
Costa went back to being Costa.

Must win at home against the Timbers......and they are RED HOT!
I guess they've got some bite, but not enough.

Pretty much have to pray you get within a few points of Dallas going into the last game of the year for it to mean something. I don't see it.

In the meantime, lets go wave!
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G's are going to need a miracle from some other teams going on a loss streak.

Still, Vanney's subs make my head explode!
Why take of Costa and Delgado?!?!? They should have gone the full 90.
Well, that's pretty much it for this season.
How about yet ANOTHER rebuild under Vanney? SMH

With two DP spots available, in Kuntz we trust?
That's that.

I don't trust anyone for anything yet.
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