The Chuck Norris Thread! (Memes, Facts, Pics, etc!)


Jul 2, 2015
This thread is dedicated to all things Chuck Norris! Funny memes, cool videos, facts, whatever! If it’s about Chuck, THIS is where it goes!IMG_1277.jpeg
Fun fact (for me, anyway)….
Chuck Norris and I both went to the same high school…North High, in Torrance CA. He was there 30 years before me! He graduated in ‘58, and I, in ‘88!
The fact that Chuck and I both went there, means Chuck was the second baddest Sumbitch to ever go there! 😁
(If you ever read this Chuck….I’m TOTALLY kidding! Please don’t hurt me! 😧)
Fun story, as told by Bruce lee’s son, Brandon Lee…..
(I’m paraphrasing here, but it’s the basics)

Brandon Lee was asked what it was like to grow up as Bruce Lee’s son, and if it registered just who his Dad really was.

Brandon said he started to realize who his Dad really was around 11 or 12. That’s when he realized his Dad was a huge star. Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris were good friends, so naturally, Brandon and Chuck’s son Eric became good friends and would often skateboard to the beach. They’d be messing around on the pier, and would start conversations with the guys fishing off the pier. When people asked them their names, they’d say “I’m Brandon Lee!” And “I’m Eric Norris”! Then follow up with “Bruce Lee is my Dad!” And “and Chuck Norris is my Dad!”.
Brandon said “EVERY TIME, the person would look at them with disgust, and say “yeah sure. Whatever!”, and they’d just ignore the kids and go back to fishing. Everyone always thought they were a couple kids making up stories. Not one person ever believed they were telling the truth! 😂
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My two favorite Chuck Norris movies:

1.Lone Wolf McQuade
2.Silent Rage

I believe Lone Wolf McQuade was where Chuck started his portrayal as a rebellious, Texas Ranger, who preferred to work alone. It was a great movie! I also believe it was the inspiration for all the “you killed my dog! I’m gonna kill you”, type movies (John Wick, Ivam Legend, Wrath of Becky, etc.), when the bad guys killed his German Shepard, and he went on the warpath. It was also one of his more serious movies. Either way, when I saw it as a kid, I was mesmerized by it! And I still love to watch it today!

And Silent Rage was probably Chuck’s most unusual movie. Again, Chuck plays a “Texas Ranger” cowboy hat wearing, type sheriff. He is trying to capture a scientifically altered super human who goes on a murdering spree (very similar to Michael Meyers in Halloween). It was a very dark movie for Chuck, and was pretty creepy. But overall great!


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The truth is, Chuck Norris is a
wimp. If he was the badass
people claim he is, he'd come to
my house smack me around for
saying this, and then slam my head into the keyboa@#$%^uigfvjtKkjihOohiI$#@jjkfxdsgfhuzuisgdsaguvnvz~+
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Norristown PA was founded in 1812 knowing that one day Chuck would be born and be a beacon of light, hope, and basassery
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