The Comic Books and Comic Book movies thread


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Jul 26, 2005
For discussion of physical comic books and the movies that they spawn.
There should be a limit to how much female bonding that occurs in a comic book. We don't sit around and hug each other all the time and single women who have no significant others don't always order take out.

I'm talking about YOU Birds of Prey!!! :)
Don't we already have a comic book and comic book film threads? :think:

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Exclusive: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS teaser poster!Plus Harry's a mutant other than the Blob?

With yesterdays teaser of the cast, and now this, I am very interested in this flick. This could possibly be the first REAL X-Men flick. And without Cyclops/Wolverine etc. Outstanding.

and yes Boobytrap, I am a huge fan of the super-diaper as you can tell from one of my home decorations...


Thanks to Kq for the awesome NJD tissue box cover!
Scroll down a sale, bunch of comics. Who knows? I'll check it out, but they will probably be marking these up more than they are worth...(still, I thought I should let you guys know)


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