the Thank God It's Friday...We Will Rebuild thread.


Sep 17, 2006
Was a little bummed when I saw the cull yesterday, but it's a 'lot of crap' anyway. So, time to roll up the sleeves and start bringing things back.

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That purge could make a grown man cry. Better start it up again.



The New and Improved MEDIA, MOVIES and MUSIC with 100% more CRAP.

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Just to remind y' clips, cartoons, movie quotes, songs...etc. Whatever makes ya wanna kick off the shackles of the work week and just party nekkid. Or fully clothed...whatever.
It's still Friday in LA for 5 more minutes, right?

Just in time, dedicated to this ****ing team right here.

I'm headin out on the road for a few days on the beach tomorrow. so,

2nd verse, same as the first...


Now Chirping

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