Tickets - where do you get them?



What online sources do you guys use to by Kings tickets.

I know of Stubhub and via the kings website, but what others do you like to use?

Trying to get reasonable tickets for Dustin Brown night.

Suites: are they any good? are there seats in them or standing room only?


I usually use Seat Geek - they tend to have the best deals (most of the time) from what I've seen.

Not sure which type of suite you are referring to, but I have watched quite a few games from a corporate suite and think the experience (food, access, etc) is great but the seats themselves tend not to be the best in terms of location. Usually there is plenty of seating room though.
thanks for the input. Not looking for any suite in particular. Something definitely from the side of the rink, just something a bit less crowded than our usual seats for once. We usually go for section 316/317
Im thinking maybe premier seats might be an option too.

thanks again
We have used Vivid seats. I believe they have a 5% discount code when you sign up with them.

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