***Vegas Golden Knights vs. LA Kings GDT 10/28/23 7:30pm on BSW***


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Game Day Thread
Game #8/82

7:30pm Start


Vegas Golden Knights vs. LA Kings
Crypto.com Arena | Los Angeles, CA


Last Season's Meetings

04/06/23 -- Kings 2, Golden Knights 5
01/07/23 -- Kings 5, Golden Knights 1

12/27/22 -- Golden Knights 2, Kings 4
10/11/22 -- Golden Knights 4, Kings 3


**Game Time 7:30pm**


TV:**Bally Sports West**
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Cam Talbot & Todd McLellan 10/27/23 Post-Game Quotes:

Cam Talbot
On coming in off the bench and trying to provide some stability for the group

I mean, it didn’t start off great for me, that’s the mentality when you come in, you want to make some saves and when the first one goes in, that can be deflating, but give our guys credit. We could have packed it in there, 10, 11 minutes into the game down 4-1 on the road, but this team has been around before, lots of experience in this room. We knew we had lots of time to come back if we played our game, so I give our guys a ton of credit for the resilience tonight.
On seeing the resilience and character of the group to win a game like that
Yeah, it can be huge. Coming in off the bench after the first period, I came in and told the guys that’s all that’s going to get by me. Just play our game and we’re going to have a chance to come back here. It shows a lot of character, a lot of resilience, maturity in this group. Like I said, give them credit, we came back and we established our game and came out with a huge two points tonight.
On the importance of special teams tonight in coming back to get the win
Yeah, both were great. Games like that, you can win and lose based on special teams and tonight our special teams got us back in the game. Then, Dewy was a beast, just bombing away at the point there, so he played a heck of a game tonight and got us another big goal.
I’ve been on the other end of that, seen him do it multiple times. He’s a world-class defenseman, and everyone’s known that for a very long time. So, to be able to play behind him and be on the right side of these victories is a lot more fun.

Todd McLellan
On a tale of two hockey games tonight

Quite disappointed, really disappointed in the start. We had a goalie that bailed us out a couple days ago, early in the game, and we left him hanging today, had to make the change. Then, obviously pleased with the change and it came from them tonight, not from me. In between periods, they obviously made their minds up, they had a little talk and they got going, but we can’t keep going this route. We’ve got to start games better, something’s got to change.
On deciding to make a goaltending change and if he got what he wanted from the move
You’re trying to change momentum a little bit, buy a little bit of time. I’m not sure we did that, the first shot was a goal, they went wide on Dewy there and the first shot is a goal, it’s in your net, so now the momentum is really against you. The team did a good job, we got to the break without giving up anything else and like I said, then they took over and they had a discussion. That type of intensity, that type of directness from the group has to show up at the beginning of the game, not just when we’re trailing.
On if he also considered line changes to spark the group
Well, we considered it, but we wanted to give them the chance at the beginning of the second period. As we rolled them out, obviously all four of them showed up to play, so there was no need to juggle it at all. Again, the goalies were trying to change momentum. The lines were coming but they fixed some things that we didn’t need to change.
On Drew Doughty’s game and response to the fourth Arizona goal
I think that can be there every night, I really do. He doesn’t have to get into a situation where he’s upset, it can be there and he’s got a bomb, he can use it. The power play became much more effective, we became a more effective team with a direct attitude, rather than pretty and it was much better.
On Quinton Byfield’s play tonight
I thought he had a real good game. We go down one and he makes a tremendous play to get us back in and then his ability to hunt and he’s getting better around the net. I thought he had a tremendous night.


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Former Kings

Michael Amadio

Ben Hutton

Alec Martinez

Brayden McNabb







**Tonight’s Poll Questions**

Part 1 - Which player is going to score the GAME WINNING GOAL?

You can take FOUR guesses PER TEAM
(if the game goes to a shootout, it will be the player who scores the last goal)

Part 2 - In which period will the GWG be scored? (1,2,3,OT, SO)

Take your best guesses in your post below -
the only Prize is the glory of seeing your name in the next GDT if you get it right.


Congratulations to the following posters who correctly guessed a whopping 18 goals combined over the previous two games.
Nobody guessed Mikey for the first goal in Friday's game:

Dr. Tran

Dr. Tran & BYRON are the current Kings of the Mountain with 4 points
3 points = CIrvine, clif, Dexter, Nyssa42, Rusty, waynet


Thanks Not Melf for the GDT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kongs: Kopitar, Fiala, Grundstrom, Moore
Vegas: Eichel, Martinez, Stone, Theodore

Might be Vegas' first regulation loss, most likely be a bloodbath Kongs loss. GO teh KOngses go!!!
I almost thought for a Saturday game I'd not have to stay up til 1am, oh well.

Suppose Talbot is going back to back here. He's winning the race atm.
Thanks Nyssa! Well, so far I’m a big fat zero on the season. Maybe my luck will change tonight.

Byfield, Kopi, Fiala, Dubois
Martinez, Eichel, Marchessault, Amadio
3rd period

Go Kings Go! Let’s give the Golden Boys their first loss! One of my favorite games at the Golden Boy arena in January! Hattie for Fiala!


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I think the start of the Coyotes game was a direct result of the Kings looking past the opponent across the ice from them and instead focusing on this game against LGK.

Hopefully that means they’ll be ready to go when the puck drops.

If the Kings get solid goaltending then I think they get 2 points tonight. Pretty big if.
Kempe, Kopitar, Moore, Grundstrum

Eichel, Marchessault, Amadio, Martinez

scored in the 1st
Moore, Kempe, Kopitar, PLD

Eichel, Stone Marchessault, Stephenson

3rd period
GWG, Kings:


GWG, Knights:

Stone (Grrr, I hate even typing his name!)


Ok can’t have shoddy goaltending tonight.

Good test to see where we are at in terms of firepower we have now and hanging with one of the deepest teams in the league.