What if Kopitar and or Doughty are traded by 03.03.2023 at 12pm PST?

Not going to happen. They're still valuable to the team, but not valuable enough to justify their contracts. The Kings will not be able to get better players in return, nothing even close.
I would be impressed. If they were truly cutthroat, they would have traded them the last time they were up for an extension.

Much better return for their value then.
In the end, they're all just assets. But the Kings aren't making the playoffs without Kopitar and Doughty. And that's all the front office cares about.

Quick hasn't been playing much, and not very well when he was.

They figure needed a goalie who should contribute and a guy on the left side. Quick helped them secure that.

Now, you wanna talk March 2024....

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