Will we break our all-time points record of 105?



So this is the sixth time we've hit the century mark in points. In 1974-75 we had only 42 wins but we had 21 ties... 105 points, and that's the most the Kings have ever had. Other than that we've never had more than 102 points. I feel confident we make 103, but with five games left to play are we finally going to reach 106 points? Doable, certainly.... but will we get six points in five games? We have Edmonton(H), Vegas(A), Colorado(H), Vancouver(H), and the mighty Ducks(A) left on the schedule. Thoughts?
given the injury situation, it's obviously going to look a little different. We've been one of the best since the all star break at a points percentage, so if that holds then we should break 105. Prior to the last EDM game, i would have been pretty confident this team reaches 105. But a lot has changed since then, and im definitely less confident now. Being down your leading scorer, and your 1st and 3rd pairing LD is not insignificant.

My bet: 105 pts on the nose.
They can do it. They are playing two more games than 1975 and they got the opportunity to get two points in OT something that wasn't possible in 75. Same goes for the Bruins in their quest as well.

Yes! 109 pts for me. 4-0-1 record to end the regular season!!!
I don't like counting my chickens before they are hatched, but it looks like they may be able to top 105.

I'd definitely take 5 out of 10 points to end the season at 105, but I think they'll get 6 points. Honestly, I'd be happy with just the Kings beating the Oilers tonight.
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